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I have been working on my backhand and forehand rollers for the last couple of months. I have been using an Innova ArchAngel for most of my shots. Other than the DX plastic is just getting beat to crap, it is working pretty well. I use a Star Vulcan if I have a lot of room to work with and a large distance to cover. Are there any plastics or disc molds that work better than other, especially on a forehand roller?

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I use a beat star sidewinder for both backhand and forehand rollers.
I have been looking at the Sidewinder, Roadrunner, and the Monarch. Why in star plastic, because they are more flippy and beat in faster?

I love the feel of the star plastic.  I like to throw what is comfortable in my hands

Champion Stingray !

Thats not the first time I've heard the Stingray brought up Donny. I have a lighter weight one for my daughter in DX. I'll have to give it a throw and then go look at a heavier weight in champ plastic. Thanks Donny, appresciate it brother.


When you coming down to Socal so we can play?

Jim Oates taught me how to throw a roller in the late 90's on hole 6 at Shady Oaks with a Stingray. These days I use a DX Shark for shorter backhand rollers, A Sirius Orion LS for Longer ones, and a star Teebird for forehand rollers. I really recommend the Orion LS. It is really easy to roll off the shelf and stays straight for a long time during the roll before the turn.


Anyone throwing Lat 64 plastic for rollers. I have tried the Vision, it sucked, and the River. The River stands up but doesn't turn into the dome. If I throw it RHBH, it will land stand up and turn left at about 300'. I have found a use for it, and it's reliable, just not a lot of distance.
Lat 64 full weight fuse Goldline. I don't know if they are all this way but the fuse started off as an incredible straight line disc for maybe a summer of use. Then one magic day or magic tree, it became very understable. It naturally backhands like a dream, in fact, its very difficult to not end up a roller. If i throw just a little hyzer on it, it will end up slightly left in the long run, to much anny and it will likely come right back at you. It seems to be pretty consistent as far as rollers go.  I use it all the time for that crazy "B" line. I just played over in Seneca in MD and there are a ton of shots where I whipped this disc out. Generally, I dont really use rollers much except for fun or a short get out of jail in Michigan so it was a fun change of pace to be driving them.

I'm using an old beat-up Boss believe it or not. It's R-Pro plastic (hate that stuff) and it has become extremely understable. I never experimented with "rollers" until I had a bad release on my Boss, it turned over, hit the ground and rolled for at least 500' which was 200' past the basket. I've tried throwing rollers since then, but they seem difficult to manage, but when thrown correctly for the given conditions (wind, terrain, etc) they can certainly add significant distance and I can see where they'd be good to get around trees where low lying branches prevent a standard throw.

I don't throw forehand, but I want to start using that style for a few specialty holes.

I learned them the only way I guess that you can, throw them, throw them, throw them. I throw backhand, forehand, thumber, tomahawk, and I'm getting the roller down. I primarily backhand, and my distance is good, there a just some holes that I can see a roller just doing the trick.

You're right, practice is the only way. I need to start working on "other" shots, especially forehand. I've been so hung-up practicing BH distance that I rarely throw anything else unless I'm buried in the trees. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to play 9 holes BH and 9 holes forehand and shake it up a bit with a tomahawk or two. My local short course is pretty wide open, so no fear of losing a disc. There have been a many times where I needed to throw something other than BH during a game only to screw-up a shot because I don't practice them often enough. Hopefully after a few months of daily practice, I'll be comfortable shooting a variety of different shots. My primary will always remain BH.

The round ones work best.


Ok, this sounded weird but really, any disc in your bag can be an effective roller. 


Rollers, (like any other shot) might be used for short shots, medium shots or long range shots.  Whatever disc you would use for an air shot at a given distance will also work well for a roller (so putters for short shots, drivers for long shots).  One of the many risks of throwing good rollers is controlling distance.  A beautiful looking roller which goes 100' long is not a good shot and maybe disastrous.


Generally players use understable discs for backhand rollers but more overstable discs for forehand rollers.  Being forehand dominant, I almost never throw backhand rollers (it is basically my last choice).  For longer rollers I typically use a Crush (darn overstable, similar to a Firebird), for midrange a Buzzz and for short a Magnet.


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