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I have been working on my backhand and forehand rollers for the last couple of months. I have been using an Innova ArchAngel for most of my shots. Other than the DX plastic is just getting beat to crap, it is working pretty well. I use a Star Vulcan if I have a lot of room to work with and a large distance to cover. Are there any plastics or disc molds that work better than other, especially on a forehand roller?

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Grippy Gateway Illusion....it is stable enough not to roll out early and gives great distance and control.
Played 36 at La Mirada Regioal today, busted out the Firebird for about half a dozen forehand rollers. There was not wind to speak of, so I was able to be really precise with my shot placement. I am getting really consistent results, and looks like 275-300ft is the limit for my Firebird. Now my Firebird is a little on the gummy side and flexes quite a bit on the initial hit. I am curious as to how this might drain speed and or accuracy from the shots.

Get something that isn't gummy, it absorbs the power you put on the disc from initial release AND when it hits the ground.


I equate it to stiffening the suspension on a 1/4 mile race car, soft suspension doesn't transfer the energy to the tires as well, so you lose speed, quickness, and power.  I like to roll with hard Z/champ/opto as I've gotten more consistent results.

@Sean- went and played another 27 this afternoon in the heat, the Firebird was even gummier from heat. Its was def losing power from the first hit and coming up much shorter. I have a Boss as well, but its in star plastic and just buckles when its hits. I like them both on forehand shots, just need harder plastics.
I used my Dad's DX WOLF for a couple midrange rollers this last weekend (200ft.ish) and holy moly does that disc ROLL! NO EFFORT. I may keep one in the bag just for backhand rollers now...

Thanks for your article.I am looking for solution of plastics or molds that work better than other .I don't have any knowledge about it ,but for help ,i am search more information .


Interesting thread. A lot of good advice here :-)


Looking at the "scientific" side of the subject.... As Sean mentioned; Stiffer plastic will not flex as much at first impact, thus it will keep more of the discs momentum/energy initiated by the throw, not losing it in the plastic flexing when it hits the ground. More mass in the rim should probably result in more stabilizing "gyroscopic" forces, as well as keeping up the speed. So, quite stiff and wide rimmed discs would most likely be best suited for max roller distance provided you can give them as much spin as a disc with a more shallow rim.


Another interesting aspect of rollers I think is the rolling pattern. Generally a more understable disc will turn a lot more in the last part of a roller. Whereas a sharp edged more overstable disc is easier to get a much straighter line on the ground. Also adapt to the ground; well kept grass fairways can handle sharp disc edges but if there's more dirt, or even sand, on the fairway the sharp edge is more prone to cut through the surface and loose speed as well as direction. So in these conditions I ususally step down a notch, to a Roc, or similar blunt edged discs. (Flat flip flies straight, tilted flip rolls, experiment! ;-)


I personally use glo Rocs for short to midrange rollers, especially when I want a wide turn around obstacles, Z Surge for straight distance, Champion Monarch for curved distance, and occasionally a Champion Destroyer to throw a high sky roller over bushes/trees before it touch ground and starts to roll.


"I'm MPM, I am allowed to roll!"

I also use a Red JLS.  Rolls like a stingray !
I also use a Firebird for my Forehand rollers , however I use a stiff flat KC Pro Firebird (champion platicesque) and I definitely have great results with it. I probably throw it out in front of me anywhere from 50 - 75 ft with tons of top spin on it , I can get it to go about 300-350

I do use some midrange discs on short range shots to work around objects. Still trying to gauge each disc for distance and how large of a circle they produce.


I have a couple lat 64 Rivers in my bag, pretty interesting, they like to circle away from the dome. If I throw them right hand forehand they will break to the right about a 150' out. The cut to the right is pretty sharp, so distance on them is not long, but it sure comes in handy every now and then to know they will make that turn every time.


Thanks for the feedback swep.

I am looking to pick up a stiffer Firebird in Champ plastic probably this weekend. Looking for a disc that is maybe a bit longer on forehand distance as well. I wonder if a Wraith in Champ plastic would do the trick, or a Champ Destroyer like swepster is throwing. Once the wing width gets a little wider, it's harder to impart top spin on the disc.


Still experimenting on the backhand side of things; although the Stingray has been sweet. I just need to get it in a heavier weight.

i've seen old beat up wraiths work pretty good as rollers

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