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In your opinion who from top to bottom who makes the best discs? Putters, Mids, and drivers. I know Gateway has great putters but not alot else and Innova has a solid line up. Dont know alot about Lat 64 but to me the far and away winner is Discraft. They are extremely consistant from run to run and coming from someone who used to throw all Innova ive found a much better replacement for every Innova disc I used to throw.

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What was your all innova bag and what discs replaced them. I'm curious.
Dont do this man!
Lol, funny, I started out mostly Discraft, now I'm almost completely Innova. But latitude 64 is really impressive what I have thrown so far. We'll see when their disc selection gets a little bigger.

Innova works a lot better for me than Discraft. Discraft works better for some, Innova works better for others. It's just the way it is. One manufacturer is no better than other, it's all a matter of opinion, and just because something is your opinion does not make it more factual than someone of a differing opinion. It's about as sensible to argue about something like this as it is to argue politics. So before some of you die hards start ripping each other, he's asking for YOUR OPINION, not an argument about when where why or how. The only Discraft disc I carry is a Crush but I throw my starfire or boss instead of it.

To answer your question:

Drivers - Innova OWNS this category but Latitude Drivers have really impressed.
Mid - I love the Roc, I love the Aero, I love the Core so Innova for me, with some major props to Latitude
Putters - Gateway is making incredible putters Wizard = MONEY, Warlock is sweeet, Magic is money too. I sometimes use the Aero when it's a little outside my normal putter range.

My bag:
Discraft Crush, just in case I lose something
Innova Boss
Innova Starfire
Innova Sidewinder
Innova Valkyrie x2
Latitude 64 Riot Opto Line
Raging Inferno DT for overhand throws
DX Roc x2
Innova Aero
Gateway Wizard Soft
Gateway Wizard Evolution

Everything else has been retired to the loaner bag or given away.
kc aviar---Challenger
Beat Roc---Buzzz
Forehand mid: Champ Gator---Drone
Firebird---Flick/ Predator (the pred for thumbers)
Distance backhand driver: Destroyer---Surge
Distance forehand driver: Xcaliber---Force

And Im in love with my stalker which Innova doesnt really have answer for.
If we are talking consistency. I've got to give it up to Latitude 64. They all fly the same. But if you want a king of the hill. I have to give it to Innova. Mind you I carry both Innova and Discraft. As well as Lat 64 and Gateway.
Thank you Jeff this is an OPINION discussion not a pissing contest. Nice post
Why do you need an answer to a discs that sucks a$$ lol!! Besides they made the Teebird wayy before the Stalker came out. IMO thats what i would compare it to. The Tracker is more like the Eagle. I'll give you props on the Buzzz. One of my favs. but I cary both the Gator (shorter hyzer shots) and the Drone for longer hyzer shots, well I use to carry a Drone that is. Because the Millinnium Q Sentinal smokes the Drone. Heck dude, The only reason a person should throw one company and only one. Is if you are getting a paycheck from them!
Dont be hatin on my stalker lol, It took a bit to learn to throw it but im glad I did, As for the gator I still love the thing but the only one's worth a crap is the champ and are pretty hard to come by but I still prefer the Drone, Now I do agree with you on the paycheck thing but I tryed throwing a mixed bag and just couldnt do it. No idea why, mental block or some crap but I do still have my Innova bag O discs
OK, I take back what I said about the Stalker lol! To each his own. I just didn't care for it. It's funny how this all works out. I tried to throw Discraft, but always found an Innova disc that did it better. Minus my Flick and Buzzz. You have to try the Flick in a 150 class. It's pretty amazing. Once you stop grip locking it!
I've got a 150g dx xcal that is pretty sick for uphill hyzers..I've heard people use the flick for the same purpose. Oh, and that xcal is the most overstable disc I've thrown...even at 150g.
They make 150 xcal's? damn
Man I would but I do not have luck with light discs haha I can imagine the grip lock is brutal!

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