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I understand the fact that Lefty throws are the exact opposite of right handed. I am a backhand thrower that is interested in finding about three new discs to try out to get a little more accurate and what every player wants, distance off the tee. My bag is light consisting of a Star Katana, a san marino rock, Z-Flick, a buzzz, an Epic, and a pro Valkyrie. I use to have a tee bird but I only used that for anhyzer shots. I am looking to expand my disc selection for a better anhyzer, a straighter flying disc (wont cut right as much as the Katana seems to) and I am also looking for a bomb off the tee Thumber disc, I have a Z-Flick and I love it other than the fact that in three months I have gone through two and neither can fly the same as a fresh one for thumber throws. Let me know! All feed back is great! I know alot of people would say to try out a bunch of discs but sadly I am poor so 3 to 4 discs a month is all I can afford to do.



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How do you throw? Flat/hyzer/anhyzer
How far do you throw?

For long anhyzers Innova Sidewinder or Discraft Avenger(SS)

Shorter/Control anhyzer Innova Mako or Discraft Glide or Stratus.

Long Bomb/ Straight flyers. Discraft Nuke(SS), Innova Vulcan or Champion Katana

Star katana's are oddly overstable. A champion katana flies much better and a Pro line tends to be a little flippy.
Look for the L on the bottom of the disc.

I would suggest a Roadrunner for straight and anhyzer shots...it should turn over if thrown flat, and should do a nice S-curve if released slightly hyzer to flat.  This is a great disc for newer players regardless of whether or not you throw righty or lefty.

For a thumber, I would suggest a Firebird and a Flick (which you already have).  In addition to a Monster and an Avenger, those are the two best thumber discs I know of...

Always use the round,plastic discs,weight is optional.
AHHH, ya beat me to it. Just like the screwdriver.

Well I was a thumber player for long time, I throw about max 300ft (I started backhand about a month ago)  and hyzer because the only driver I use is the Star Katana. I will grab me a champ Katana.  I have seen the sidewinder in action and I'll give that a go as well. Thanks for the advice.

So these tin pie pans are a lil dated I take it hmph!
I don't see a putter in that selection of discs you mentioned.

That's what I would get first.

My Star Roc is what I use it works fine for putting

yeah,hang those collectables on the wall;>}
For thumbers try a venom or a riot. Nice and flat ones
I give away all my lefty discs to newbies, they're useless to me.

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