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I have had a few good anny discs. I recently bombed my star sidewinder about 340 feet today and it held anny the entire time. I aso use Avenger SS and Helios. I did not like the XL. Any other awesome anny's out there??

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I love the Scream by Quest...if I get the right angle I can get it 400+ on an Anny...but for ho-hum Innova discs try the Monarch and Archangel...
I was just looking at the Quest site. Seems that the Scream is similar to the T-Bone. I have a T-Bone, but have never tried to anhyzer bomb it. Maybe I'll give it a try. Maybe I'll buy a Scream.
The T-Bone is the Scream with dimples. The dimples make the disc more overstable than the Scream, so if you're having a hard time anhyzering the T-Bone go with the Scream (the Scream also goes by the name Assassin when sold by Gateway).

One more thing: the 80/20 version of the T-Bone is more overstable than the Premier T-Bone version. I prefer the 80/20's feel and stability, but then again I'm a forehander.
Latitude 64's Vision. It's like a Sidewinder, maybe a little less stable, but it's also longer.
Low 160's Star Roadrunner
Somebody Ring the Bell, we have a Winner!!!
Star Roadrunner has a bullet shaped rim. Bullet!
Katana seems similar in flight to the Sidewinder. I threw one the other day on a line similar to what I would throw my Sidewinder and it went twenty feet farther. When I have a tail wind I love to bomb a DX TeeBird and let it ride the wind. Just make sure that it is on the right line because it will keep going and going. No return on that one.
The hardest shot in the game is the putt. The second hardest shot is the anhyzer.

The hardest anhyzer to control is a roller. The second hardest anhyzer to control is a long anhyzer.

So by this math, the long anny is right up there with the toughest shots in the game. Obviously these are broad categories because we all know there are easy putts and no doubt, one day soon, I'm going to get one of those easy putts. :)

On most courses a right handed backhander (rhbh) has no need for a long anny. The shot is seldom called for. So not only is it a tough shot but it is one most players get little practice at. One of the few advantages to being a lefty or a right handed forehander (rhfh) is we gets LOTS of practice on anhyzers. I just know all those course designers had my best interest in mind when they made their endless string of righty hyzer tunnel shots. Dang, I should be good at annys by now.

Short anhyzers are so much easier to control than long anhyzers. When you are throwing for maximum distance and the disc has to finish on that unnatural anhyzer line all you have to do is throw it PERFECT. A bit too little turn and it hyzers out. A bit too much turn and it buries into the ground or rolls away. A bit too high and it hyzers out. A bit too low and it eats dirt.

The best long range anhyzer disc will vary from player to player, depending primarily on how much power they have. Ideally the disc should have superior glide (long range being the goal) but control always trumps distance and I have seen good players who use a Comet or a Buzzz (or other midranges) for this shot. Fortunately, a well thrown anhyzer naturally glides well. A well thrown anhyzer with a sharp edged driver glides a ton.

It is one of the oddities of the game. A hyzer is easy to control while an anhyzer is difficult. But a hyzer doesn't glide very far while an anhyzer does.

For players who throw with good power I would heartily recommend a Rogue or a Z Surge SS. These molds are very similar with the biggest difference being the plastic. Rogues are made primarily in a candy blend ( but sometimes in sparkle Z) and The Z Surge SS is made in pure candy (Z plastic is the translucent, nearly indestructible stuff: ie... pure candy). Rogues are usually a bit flippier than the Surge SS's. I carry both and love them.
There is one hole at our local course where it justs sets up for a long range anny on certain days. I am a right hander so when the wind is tail with a left to right component I know that my anny will sail. I pull out the DX Teebird, aim for the spot I know above the trees and let it go with the proper angle and direction. In this way I'm not really doing the work. The wind is doing the work and that DX TeeBird will sail. I love that shot and if it is done right it is a beautiful thing. I don't really think that an anhyzer is that difficult to control. It's just a matter of hitting your spot in the air with the right angle. Practice. Another hole on our course sets up for an anhyzer for me and that gives me a nice ace run. It's funny though because yesterday I had a friend say that it was hard to anny. I think that you just need that one disc and don't overthink it or try to kill it. Smooth helps.
It definately is fun to throw anhyzer in a left to right wind, or hyzer in a right to left for distance.

Yes, after practice annys become fun to throw, but until then, for the novice they are pretty frustrating. Even though they are easy for you as you say, they are still a difficult throw to master in comparision to other types of throws in golf. Hole 2 on our course is 360 and uphill. It sets up well for a big swooping anhyzer around a tall pine in the middle of the fairway not long off the tee. So you have to throw it high and get it to carry right about 80 feet, to make matters worse, the landing area slopes to the left. Lots of anhyzers that carried to pin turn into short cut rollers on that landing area and leave you with 80 footers. That is where an anhyzer shot is very difficult indeed. (note: there is a right hyzer line up and over the hill, but it's tighter with more risk, so usually throw anny...or roller for fun).
You can get just about any disc to anny..

The best long anny disc is the one you can control.
Lat 64 Vision and 150 class Sidewinder, best anny glides i've thrown. other discs mentioned on this thread have shorter anny glides or too easily become rollers IMO.


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