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Could I please get some comments ranking the different discs available for night play? What are people's thoughts on lights vs. glow?

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The discs with the LEDs on them are the most fun to watch fly. Some change colors or strobe. Awesome!
We have a section in our website dedicated to lighted and glow discs. You can check it at this link.....

Blackjax are sweet to watch fly but be careful they are wicked understable. Atleast the driver I've thrown was. If you can get your hands on some i recomend photon glow discs by discraft. They are a pain to find due to not makeing anymore but they stay charged for a long time.
I tried an Aero Pod attached to a tye dye avenger. It has 4 small screws and you literally drill through the disc to attach the pod. It weighed like 10 grams, and was about the size for a fat 50 cent piece. I was so bright, it nearly killed all of my night sight, but looked awesome. It then promptly popped off on the first tree strike (something that it specifically NOT supposed to do). The impact stripped the plastic holes that the scews went in to, making the pod useless. Speaking of useless, I now have a $17 avenger with holes in the deck.....
I've found that the glow stick bracelets have the best balance between brightness and weight. Just center them around the bump in the middle of the disc and apply packing/scotch tape. Candy-type plastic only of course.
From what I've seen, Innova glow is just about useless. The glow will begin to fade around the time that it hits the ground. Photon glow, a discontinued glow plastic from Discraft, seems to hold it's glow somewhat better. The only problem is that it's fairly expensive with a narrow range of discs. I don't have tons of experience with any companies glow plastic, so take that with a grain of salt. I did just pick up a prototype glow Z Stalker that held it's glow for a good half hour in a darkened room. I charged it for only about 20 seconds too.
Black Jax are cool.....and a lot of fun.buttttttttttttt....The Axe X I got is 195...yeah 195!!! perfect for that 150-200 foot shot straight up in the air spike hyzer...very close to lawn dart..except the lawn dart has more glide.

The putter and the mid are ok..the ones I got are 153 and 155...super understable...both are good for putting and very short range shots.

The Quest is understabe too....probably more then the mid and it's 169. The most useless of the set..IMHO.

Don't count on the weights being anywhere close to accurate..the Axe X was marked 170 on the package...175 on the disc and it weighs in at a cool 195.

The Quest marked 175 and is 169. The Putter and mid are not labled.

Photons are great!!!! Can't see why they discontinued them. I got a Wasp...very sweet.

Disczilla has them....in a few flavors...XL, Wasp, PuTTer X, Stratus and few more...check his site and go with them. I will be ordering a couple more soon...myself.
I've been told that they ran out of that specific glo material. Not sure though
i beleive they got more? bought a a ghost stamped Z glow buzz at flymart at worlds a couple weeks ago (mark ellis sold it to me) and he said it would glow forever. im guessing this is a version of the photon glow plastic, but if im wrong i think mark will chime in, wait for it.........
I'm really impressed with the Stalker I picked up. Prelimanary results say it glows better than the Photon Glo XL I've got. If you've got a solid flashlight, it takes very little charging to get it glowing

I perfer to use my Elite Z discs with a Glow braclet on them. A little electrical tape does the trick. Plus you can pick up a back of 15 for only $1 at Micheals. For $1 you can light up your entire bag.
Yeah! Those are the ones. Work great for me.
The first batch of Blackjax Light-Up Discs were extra heavy.
The second batch of Blackjax Light-Up Discs were extra light.
Pull it out of the package and put it on a scale to be sure....
C'mon Mark, I wanna know!
I heard Discraft stopped making Photon Glo because it did not sell and they got stuck with a bunch of it.
I find it hard to believe that they are producing any new glow plastic as they swore off it long ago....
It could happen though, maybe, Mark? Old or New?
Discraft does have new glow plastic! We have the Z Glow Stalkers and they feel pretty sweet! But my personal preference is to put the led lights on top of my disc with surgical tape...works very well

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