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so... i play at least a round daily, and generally throw innova, but use a few discraft, quest, and discwing discs as well. i recently invested in the entire new crop of innova distance drivers; the boss, groove, and katana. what i am wondering is what people think comparison wise about these three. i have a decent arm, and can throw 350+ on a good throw. i like the boss alot, it is just like the wraith, which i absolutely love, but faster, more wind resistant, and generally further flying. the groove i don't care for, i just can't seem to find a throw to fit this disc. it has stats just like the beast, but speed thirteen. i would like to know what people think of the groove in particular. i just picked up a katana a few days ago, and am still learning it. from what i can tell so far, it has a huge distance potential when thrown with some hyzer, and will fly faaar if it turns, as it is quite understable, but i haven't been able to toss it as far as the boss so far...

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I have a champ boss, and a pro katana. I love the katana and am going to buy star because the pro has become more understable after a month of use (trees, concrete, I'm sad to say). Good throws would get me 380 feet, bad throws would get 400 feet in the wrong direction. Now that it is beaten in it doesn't go as far because it isn't turning over which is why I want a champ or star.

Groove, way to wonky. The monarch holds up, as the only other disc with a groove, because it is a slower disk with less distance. The Groove itself is probably the most unreliable thing I've ever laid hands on. In perfect conditions it can fly pretty well but a katana will outdo it. Neither hold up well in bad weather. The way air works underneath the disc is the issue, just way to many variables in aerodynamics to be reliable/effective. A buddy of mine does okay with it, but he takes a lot of mulligans.

The Boss is a headwind beauty, I feel like it throws similar to my teerex but with an extra 50 feet. I tossed it about 300 the other day during a storm in heavy wind and was very happy with the game despite the weather. The thing is a beast but won't do crap for you if you don't get the power behind it. Where the other two have very forgiving glides even on bad throws or if they don't turn over.

I like the katana the most (hard to aim though).

Best prices on that disc you are going to find outside of the factory.
I like the Katana. It has added some great distance to my drives. Just yesterday, I threw my first 400 footer with a Star Katana. I have to think that due to how understable it is, it has helped my game. As for the Boss, it is my new go to headwind disc. Dont like the Groove.
i totally agree with you, i have had a similar experience with all three, but haven't really had the best throws with katana just yet cause i just got it about a week ago. one of my favorite drivers is a star teerex i have. it bombs, and does turn for me, but not as drastically as other discs, as it is very stable and a great turning wind fighter. i also own an xcaliber, and it is the best headwind disc ever made in my opinion, but it takes a huge amount of torque to go far with it, and i lose distance on it. the boss bombs, but i own a pro katana as well, which i had to order online since no disc stores around seem to have it, and i'm a bit concerned about it becoming more understable. i have had a handful of huge drives with the groove, but find it to be really inconsistent. thanks for the feedback.
wow! a huge amount of suggestions for the nuke! i will have to get one, maybe even today... any weight suggestions? i usually like in the 170-172 range i guess.
for sure. thx for the info.
There are Different Flight characteristics depending on what type of plastic you are going to throw.

Pro is the less stable , then Star , then Champion in the Katana.

However , in the Boss , my Pro is less stable , then Champion , then Star !!

Try to Experiment with different weights Also if you can. My 168 Star Boss is super overstable.
The boss is a great disc for headwind or for arms well into the 400' range and higher. The groove I never liked, never seem to fly the way the stats stated. The katana is a great disc for distance and should help anyone that can throw at least 300'.

The groove never flew like I thought, you said faster beast...that is what I thought, but I was wrong or I just can't throw the thing. I lost one of mine and then got another to give the groove a fair chance, still didn't like it...now my other groove is in my trunk.
Force flies like a faster T-rex and for Hi speed stability and finishes like a meathook.
thanks, i already have a disc suited to that purpose, the xcaliber, so i think i'll stick to the nuke.
i hear that. i have been able to throw the groove around 375', but not consistently at all. sometimes, i tee off with the groove, and i just starts to turn and dies really short. i really don't think that it flies as its ratings would indicate, at least not in champion like mine is. i think the difference in stability tends to be alot more overstable in the case of the champ groove than other discs in champion. i think i'll just stick to the boss and katana from now on, and will probably pick up a flx nuke 172 to try out.


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