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so... i play at least a round daily, and generally throw innova, but use a few discraft, quest, and discwing discs as well. i recently invested in the entire new crop of innova distance drivers; the boss, groove, and katana. what i am wondering is what people think comparison wise about these three. i have a decent arm, and can throw 350+ on a good throw. i like the boss alot, it is just like the wraith, which i absolutely love, but faster, more wind resistant, and generally further flying. the groove i don't care for, i just can't seem to find a throw to fit this disc. it has stats just like the beast, but speed thirteen. i would like to know what people think of the groove in particular. i just picked up a katana a few days ago, and am still learning it. from what i can tell so far, it has a huge distance potential when thrown with some hyzer, and will fly faaar if it turns, as it is quite understable, but i haven't been able to toss it as far as the boss so far...

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I use my Groove as my primary thumber disc. It is very predictable. I really like my Champ Katana, Big distance, and once you learn its skip pattern you can park it a lot. I would can't tell you much about my boss. Wind gust caught it and took it ??????????
The Roc !!!
Lat 64 Gold Line Halo has them all beat...
I don't have the power for the Boss. The Katana works great for me, now that it's beat up a bit. It's a great hyzer flip disc for me. The Groove I can't seem to get in to. Some times I got some nice "D" and other times it would just hyzer out. So I gave up on it again! One disc you might want to look at, is the Nuke. It's kind of a tweener disc stability wise. Between the Boss and Katana imo. For me it handles a decent headwind, so it get the nod over the Katana for that. It's the first Discraft driver I've ever liked. Mind you I only throw around 300 to 330 ( 330 on a good day ;)
i've heard about that one. a far flier for sure, but i'm not sure of it's stats or stability, that's why i haven't picked it up
for sure. i want to try the nuke. i generally don't care much for discraft, i've tried quite a few of their discs, including the surge, pulse, tracker, and others. the only discraft discs i've ever continued using are the flash, which i find to hold a really tight flip line, and the stratus, which is an awesome midrange and an even better roller.
roc is for sure a good disc. a lot of great players i know, as well as established pros swear by the roc and carry more than one. i used to use the roc, but tried the cro and like it better because it is a point and click shot for me, straight, left, or right up to about 300 ft.
you're the first person that has told me they use the groove for that purpose. groove has superior glide though, so it must have some utility purposes if nothing else. too bad about your boss man, that is a great disc. thx for the feedback.
If you like the Flash, you might dig the Nuke. They have the same stability rating if I'm not mistaken. I think I've tried just about every Discraft driver and the Nuke is the only one I could throw with decent results.
I swear by the nuke. Play a lot of doubles and more often then not people are using it as a go to disc. And if they dont have one in their bag they ask to throw it at least once and the next time we play the next course normally after about 2 days theyve gone out and bought one.
that's good to know man, thank you. i have been interested to try both the force and the nuke, and, as i know no one that uses either, i will have to go out and buy them. i am curious about the force, but have heard very plentiful feedback from a variety of players around courses i play and websites i visit all swearing by the nuke, so i will try that over the force. i will have to give it a try. i think i'll just go ahead and get it in flx plastic, as my flash is flx and i love the material.
It reminds me of a Star Destroyer--but faster--once you break it in, its a great moderatly overstable driver--it replaced my Star Destroyer for distance forehands...

I also carry a Nuke--similar disc, but not suitable for my forehand--its my backhand answer to the Halo (when I'm not throwing my Star Destroyer)--pick up a Halo--its speed will surprise you...


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