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I've just been throwing for about a month now and I'm still learning how to throw sidearm consistently. About the only disc I throw sidearm is a 175g ESP Meteor. I can throw it about 150' and still get a little turnover, but it "feels" heavy in my hand and when I mis-throw, it wobbles noticably. Does anyone have a suggestion for better disc to learn with?


Tall Tom

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I mistyped. #9 & #10 are dogleg right holes, not left. Hence, I was trying to play the anhyzer. Sorry for the error. I've been swamped at work all morning and tried to type too fast.

150 Z Flick.
Are you throwing with a one or two finger grip?
Two finger grip.
I really like my 150 esp flick and my 168 wraith
Every website or discussion I have read basically explains that sidearms or forehands should be thrown using a 2 finger grip. I have been throwing with 1 finger for almost 10 years and although my distance isn't great (300) there aren't many courses near me where distance is an issue. Using 1 finger I have great control on uphills, tunnel shots that go left and right, and even open field shots but in my mind I keep thinking I doing it wrong because the web says I should use 2 fingers. So anyways I have been trying recently to throw using 2 fingers like I have seen diagramed all over the web but I am having a real tough time using this technique. It seems like I can't figure out the correct release with 2 fingers and I can barely get half the distance I normally would with 1 finger.

Basically what I would like to know is what are the benefits of using 2 fingers over 1?

And I am "wrong" for only using 1 finger? I understand that everyone is a little different in their form and different things work for certain people but if one technique is clearly better than another then I like most golfers would prefer to use the better technique.

I started throwing forehand with one finger and still do, it just feels better than a two finger,I have more control.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say if if ain't broke don't fix it. Many people are successful with unorthodox styles in many sports.
Avenger SS is a great beginner sidearm disc. My wife can huck it 250' accurately.

Good luck
Start with understable discs, then as you learn more control, work into the more stable line up.
throwing with one finger, are you using your index of middle? if you use your middle finger and index towards the middle it is a fan grip. I have also seen it thrown off the index finger. two fingers are usually a power grip. I have seen someone even use a pinch grip no fingers to throw from he just pinched it between his knuckle and his thumb. there are many ways to throw use what is most comfortable for the most success.

However body form is needed in order to have the best shot. their are some body forms that are better then others to help keep the disc low etc.
I use my just my index finger. I throw forehand for practically all drives and sometimes fairway shots but when I'm within 100ft or so I switch to backhand because I have a hard time with midrange forehand shots. I did find that when I split the index and middle finger it was a little easier to be accurate for short range shots. All of the 2 finger grips feel awkward for me though.

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