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I'm looking to get a good under stable disk that will turn left when i throw a flick. .. Something that will Turn left when i throw it side arm/// i don't throw backhand Ever except on putts and short approach so i think for my game to get better i need something that will turn right for me,, any pointers would be Great ...

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ok i guess i should have just looked hear// www.latitude64.se/system/visa.asp?HID=716&FID=606&HSID=12193" target="_blank"> im going to order one tonight!
Another thing I love about the Vision. Is the plastic (Opto) It's nice and grippy. Reminds me of the old Innova gummy plastic. I forgot to mention that I get approx 10 to 20 feet more distance with this disc than my Sidewinder. If you are looking for a similar disc. I would say it's like a more predictale and longer Sidewinder. Another thing I like about Latitude 64. Is that I have bought 4 Visions over the past few months. EVERY one of them flies the same. I've also bought a few other discs from them and have been pleased with them all.

The opto line works best and that plastic is tougher then champion plastic if you can believe that!
i throw a valk but i don't know if i would call it Under stable .. .. maybe if you are throwing a really heavy one. but the one i throw always comes back like a stable disk
Valkyrie is the best understable mold in my opinion. If you're not flipping the valk you have, try a lighter one or a different type plastic. DX and pro will be much easier to beat in and start flipping. Have fun with it. `taylor
i throw backhand and found the avenger ss and beast to have controllable draws ,i throw the avenger with hyser and it flips flat then draws right which is great for dogleg holes ,also dx plastic is easier to draw right or in the case of a forehand left
i would think a beast or a valk would do. just gotta figure them out.
In all honesty Steve is you are physically capable of throwing backhand dedicate yourself to start throwing backhand hyzers, if you have a sidearm hyzer and backhand hyzer you have a lot of your basic shots down. Throw something lighter (167-170) andunderstable such as a valk, beast, avenger ss and check out this video for some form tips.
Find a local player who throws a good hyzer backhand and ask him for some specific to you form tips.
i have watched the video many times ... it seems when i try and throw it it goes Way Up and falls less then half the distance i would have throw it if i had sidearm thrown.90% of the time Ob or way out in the ruff.. it just fills plain uncomfortable for me and plain annoying lol i tried it many times today before i played and it just seems i cant find a grip that works for me ,,,, something i guess ill just have to keep working on
It is nice to have all shots in your bag regardless of your dominant throw style (backhand / forehand) but an anny is less reliable and harder to control (overall) relative to throwing backhand or forehand (RHBH to fade left or RHFH to fade right). I appreciate you wanting to stick with forehand to make the disc go left, but realize it is a tough touch/finesse shot to master. You're game and scorecard will better in the long rong if you learn a backhand as well.
Popping up backhand drives is just another speed bump in learning backhand, and I'm pretty sure everyone goes through it. After a year, I still sky shots when I don't get over the disc enough. I'm not going to tell you to change your game, but I will tell you that a backhand hyzer is by far the easiest shot for me (and many others, I'd guess). As far as an understable driver, I think that weight is sometimes more important than mold. For example, I had a 175 Surge SS that was far more stable than a 167 Surge.
I have a 150 champ Valk that is just great at biting and more importantly holding a anny.I will say though that I have purchased 2 other "identicle" discs and get very different results with all 3. Is it right or left? RHFH should go right...LHFH should go left...I think??? Doesnt matter..i throw backhand most of the time any way. Sorry


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