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A few weeks ago I found myself finishing a round in the dark. Luckily I didn't lose any discs. My buddy had one of those pin light beacons taped to his disc. Which got me thinking of getting a beacon, but also using the Glow disc I own but don't use.
I know some use a camera flash to charge their glow discs. But what about a hand held U/V-blacklight deal? I know there are avid night golfers here, so, what's the best, most affordable method?

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personally i am done with the old style glow discs, the now excepted method of taping mini glow sticks to the bottom or top of the discs you regularly throw for me is the only way to go, the last glow tourney i played in cemented that decision for me, it was a two round glow tourney, the first round i played with the old style glow discs i had ( eagle, roc, aviar and a couple others of which the models elude me at the moment ) as these for the most part were not the usuall models i threw i had a terrible round, the 2nd round i did what most everyone else was doing and taped mini glowsticks to the bottom of my regular discs, all my regular discs were champ or z plastic except my putter which i kept using my glow aviar for that, and i litterally dropped 9 strokes off my 2nd round which put me in 3rd place, i cant help but feel if i had not made the change i would have been close to last place if not last place, and if i had used the glow sticks in the beggining heck i might have won it ! also once you tape the glow sticks on your disc you can pretty much forget about them wheras with the old style glow discs your constantly regenerating them every time you throw them as they generally only hold a charge for about 15 minutes..

oh and as far as affordabillity goes, glow tourneys usually allways have someone selling glow sticks and they are usually only 25 cents apiece, so betime you buy the old style glow discs to match what you throw at present time ( if you can find them ) and invest in a black light, flash, etc. the mini glow stiicks for me is the obviouse choice, but i admitt i am a plastic whore so any excuse to buy extra discs does not neccesarily bother me ( LOL, as if i need an excuse ) but in this case i just like throwing the discs i am familier with. as always this is just my opinion, everyones different and what floats one persons boat might sink anothers.

I know what you mean. The glow discs aren't usually the "old faithful" discs in our bags. I do have a Glow Tee Bird that is bad ass...but that's it.

I recently learned a trick. With one normal camping style stick you can light a dozen or more discs.

Wear gloves..have a rag handy for spills.

Put a layer of clear packing tape on the disc top or bottom...if it's a clear disc. Cover a 4 inch by 4 inch area or so...maybe slightly bigger. Do this because the fluid will warp the pastic. I havn't tested that theory though!!! lol.

Ok!! put a hole in the stick...I used a 3/16 drill bit with my cordless (kept it neat).

Put a small piece of Tp....no bigger then 2 square inchs on the tape layer....OK!! this is where it could get messy...make sure you got your gloves on and that rag handy. Drip just enough fluid to soak the Tp....quickly put another piece of Tp on top of that...cause you probably got to much on there already! ..and a thicker concentration of soaked Tp is a much deeper glow.

Now with the tape strips you already prepared...did I forget that part? sry....anyway cover the crap out of the wet Tp with plenty of tape (criss-cross)...if you dont or forgot the second chunk of Tp or just got way too much on there anyway...it will leak and fly out making unwanted glow splatter!!! and probably fall off sooner then later....big mess..you'll be pissed!!!

For shits and giggles, you can get creative with shreding or cutting your TP into different shapes and designs. I had this creepy Skull image on my Z breeze last week. Wasn't trying for it...it just kinda appeared.

It works really good if done neatly and keeps the glow stick expense down for everyone....1 dollar..and everybody's got a glow disc...well and there's the tape expense...but one roll would probably last a league all year. It is slightly time consuming..but worth it. IMO.

I also did up my beat-up 170 Champ Beast...it was sail'n. Other then the glow, I didn't notice the tape at all. I could grip it and rip it with the confidence of high noon!!!
Peter Kunoff Said

I think that they did make them a long time ago (care to chime in Mr. Ellis?).......I know that my buddy, found a Z glow tracker in a regular stack of trackers at Fly this fall, paid like $14 for it.....ever heard of plastic envy????

Garrett Said
Sorry pk if they had more i would of got you one. But yes they did make Z plastic glow I have One its a tracker which is my favorite driver. I too am a plastic addict and if i must say its fun. I have done both taped lights and glow plastic and found that the LED UV lights work the best. I saw one that i need on the end of a 4Dcell mag lite That one was sweeet

Sweet option for mag lite owners i just bought one
A portable black light that runs on batteries is the best thing I've used to charge a disc. All it takes is one swipe across the top and one across the bottom of the disc and it's fully charged--the entire disc, not just the spot that a camera flash would hit!! You can find these in novelty stores like Spencer's in the mall. Good luck with your night game!!
LED black light flash lights work the best by far. As far as glow plastic goes Photon is the best but has been discontinued, Champ Glow is second best, Z Glow is third, and innova DX Glow is absolutely horrible
The mini light beacons are the best, I do have some glow discs and bought a 6" AA battery operated blacklight from Ebay for $7, you can get a larger one about 12" at Fred Meyers for about twice the amount.
Visa or Mastercharge.

Of course if anyone would take my IOU's then it would be even easier.


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