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What are the best exercises to help build the muscles
to increase distance on drives?

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playing lots and lots of guitar hero is the way to go.
pushups and pullups i'd say. i recently saw a vid on some DG site that had a link to a vid for baseball pitchers workouts. google around.
I workout but don't know if it helps, I'd like to follow along here!

I do know I hurt myself less now that I workout!
Try this upper body workout Xertube. You can tone your arm,chest,shoulders,back.and abs! Color coded resistance to maximize your workouts. My husband has been using this Xertube for 6 months and WOW what a difference! His whole body has transformed into a work of art.
I have the same things, I purchased from Dicks sporting goods. They call them power tubes. I have fixed one end to the pole in my garage. This allows me to workout with the full swing and follow thru for the backhand forehand and tomahawk. Make sure you do both arms though! I have a 15 pounder and a 20 pounder.
Here's some more workout info for the Disc Golfer who wants to improve his/her game and build their upper body core strength. You'll be amazed at how well it really works.This is just the beginning, they are working on new stuff as they develop the routine.
The best work out for you is the one you keep doing.It is more important to be motivated to work out than the actual workout.If it takes a pal to workout with or a varied workout routine.Music or video instruction,I could send you a photo of how fat I was last year,and how I look today if it would help.
grab a door frame and do wide arm pullups. even lat puldowns on a machine. Stuff to help strengthen the shoulders and lats. But an overall work out is best since you use a majority of the muscles when playing
Any all around fitness exercises will help your game considerably. Power generates from a lot of muscles in the body. I've seen toned skinny guys throw some big D as well.. so don't think powerlifting is the only way to go. Just work a different part of muscles every day. I keep it where I work M-arms, chest Tues- abs, legs Wed- forearms, neck Thurs- shoulders, calves, Fri- arms, chest. It gives that muscle group a week to heal and rest up...besides the arms and chest which I'm working the most.

It's good to mix it up to give your muscles a wake up every now and then. simple cardio-exercises working that muscle group is better than not doing anything at all. I need to get one of those Xertubes though. I'm just working with a mat and free weights right now.
Steve is correct.....the workout you will DO is the best one....now if you are going to do an exercise routine there are better and worse.....Mabye I should preface this by saying that I am a working professional in the area of sports medicine...for disc golf the "core" is the main working part of a PROPER disc golf throw...not all disc golf throws but proper ones....everything starts from the core, it is the essential link between the run up and the throw...the techinical term is kinnetic chaining or linking depending on whom you ask.....Anyhow rotational stuff and stability training for the core seems to work best....Now the whole body needs a workout and it should be focused more on endurance than power (think baseball pitcher, pro golfer, throwing athletes in general....) you want to be strong but not bulky....flexability is the key...look at all the GREAT disc golfers flexable, in pretty good shape but not muscle-bound........I would say Avery and Kenny and perhaps Dave F. have the ideal builds for disc golf (of course taller helps....but you kinda have to work with what you got)

Moderate weight high reps....lots of core....and STICK WITH IT!

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