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A few weeks ago I lost my favorite Buzzz in the snow at Hudson Mills. I had my name and number on it and waited for a call that never came.

Today, I received a message from a blocked number. The caller said, "Thanks for the Disc!!!!"

Not only are they not planning on returning it, they called to rub it in. What a big jerk!

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wow that sucks. Hope you find a good replacement.
wow the person who found your disc has way to much time on thier hands... and yes they are the definition of a jerk.
A similar thing happened to me when I lost a my Fav Tee-Rex.

Guy called me and was like hey I found your disc...

Too bad you can't have it! and then hung up.
I just saw an article about a program that lets you track those numbers that block the caller-id, but I can't remember where I saw it at... Seems like it was $50.
Program your phone so it won't accept restricted calls.... it won't get your Disc back, but at least the Jerks won't call you either.
Just keep your eyes and ears open, don't be surprised if you see it one day or catch some jerks laughing about it.
we need someone like a 'dog the bounty hunter' to hunt these lost disc jerks down!!!
That really sucks-take comfort in knowing that whatever you do (good or bad) always comes back at least two-fold, so odds are he will also lose something dear to him,just sucks that you will probably not be the one to find it, or perhaps the next time he's on his way to the park he will blow out a tire on the highway, spinning into the barrier wall, flipping into a fiery wreck, only to survive and wake up in the hospital to find his throwing arm has been amputated. We can only hope.

Chances are he is just some immature noob who hasn't caught on to the idea of disc golf karma (we all know it exists)

I wish more people would quit being such a-holes and return things to thier rightful owner as I believe in turn the favor might be repayed to them-just sucks that you had to be the one to get the short end, but don't let that sour your attitude- just continue doing whats right and I'm sure you'll even out in the end (I know its tough but possible,when I had a favorite disc laying 5 feet from the basket I went into the brush to help another player look for an errant drive and told some guys coming up to the hole to go ahead and play through, and that we had some discs already thrown on the hole so just ignore them and we would finish up behind them, only to find that when the search was over, my disc, like the guys we let play through, was long gone. After we finished the last two holes we walked up to our car as another car parked next to it was driving away, only to find that a guy left his WHOLE BAG sitting between our cars and just took off, with no names or numbers on ANYTHING! Instead of growing horns and cackling as we drove off with a whole bag full of plastic, we decided to play another nine and see if the guy would realize and head back. Not surprisingly when we were finishing up on 9 we noticed a guy who looked anxious and pale-zipping the parking lot looking like a parent who can't find thier child. The look on dudes face was enough satisfaction for us as we returned the bag-free of charge to its rightful owner, and let me tell ya, it feels damn good to do the right thing...........even after you've been ripped off....................
id go to my service carrier, find out what the number was and who it belongs too and then go beat their ass.
now would you have posted if he said it was a Roc he lost instead of a buzzz.........

Lotto said:
id go to my service carrier, find out what the number was and who it belongs too and then go beat their ass.
That has happened at Hudson Mills before. P2P doesn't keep away the 'riff-raff' now does it.
i assume that my lost discs either were found and kept or the local stray dogs chewed them up. but to have someone call you to be mean. new class of jerk.

my satisfaction of those who find and don't return them is that they might try to sell them to the local dg shop and the owner who watches for names and numbers will give them crap.

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