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What do you guys think about black disc's or people that throw them?
I personally throw a black star wraith but only on open courses to be polite. Heavily wooded courses seem to eat up these disc's anyway as my only ace disc (which was a black wasp with a misprint howleewood stamp btw) disappeared into the woods.

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You are just asking to lose your disc. I hate it when someone looks at me and says, "Well, I guess we need to start a clock on your lost disc".

I don't even like to throw a yellow disc because it is not easy enough to find. Hot pink, red, orange, bright blue and bright green are the colors I prefer.

For years I drove with X-Clones. The best X-Clones ever made (most overstable) were a dull silver. I spent so many hours of my life looking for those discs. I pray I never find another truly great disc that only comes in a bad color.

We know that some shots have the miraculous ability to bury themselves, leaving only a tiny sliver to be seen. I have found those tiny slivers before in a florescent color which would not have been found in black.

When you throw that black roller and it rolls from sight and you are looking and looking for it, let me ask you this: How do you know it didn't go 500 feet?
I bought a black star Beast because I was itching to try the disc out. So far I've only ever thrown it in the snow. Once Michigan thaws out I'll be picking up an easier color to pick out. Otherwise I have a purple Blowfly that's nearly black. Since I'm not throwing it great distances I'm not too worried about losing track of that one. I've never played with a group that was so serious on time that we wouldn't spend as much time as necessary looking for a lost disc...that said, I've never played a tournament or other time sensitive format either. The day I do I'll be busting out the brightest discs to be sure!
I love using black putters for short range and putting, but will never use a black driver again. I bought a black champion Valkyrie that looked awesome. Maiden flight went into the woods. My playing partners and I all saw where it landed, but after 30 minutes of searching could not find it. Maybe it skipped, maybe it buried, I'll never know.
Foster: "Your black magic only works on the rookie."
Thorny: "That's brown magic."

I think when people buy a black disc they buy it because it looks cool, and I agree they do. However, we don't have the problem of discs only being made in two bad colors anymore, like Mark mentioned with the X Clones. Personally I refuse to look for a lost black disc, just like I do a white disc in the snow. It is part of using common sense during disc selection, you don't throw a green disc on a fairway with a lot of tall green grass lining it, tye dye discs are usually code for camouflage also. If you want to throw a wierd disc because you think it looks cool, fine, but don't expect me to be surprised when you can't find it. I have a black 07 Worlds Midnight Avenger SS, and it looks great on my wall, but I would never think about throwing it.
One of the discs I won from States last year is a black soft magnet, it is now my primary putter and I really like it but I wouldn't use black mids or drivers (except for a few extremely open holes that we have around here), bright colors disappear easy enough.
i have some black drivers in my collection,but i dont currantly use any of them, but i do use a black sss magic putter, i like black for my putter as i like soft putters, the softer the better, soft = grabing the chains, and on warm days the black ones seam to be softer than other colors, jmo

i do have a truely bad disc golf memory though with a black cyclone that wasnt even mine, we were playing oakledges, hole ten is a short hyzer shot to the left, very aceable and we had got in the habbit of after we threw our drives of walking out to the right and watching the others shots as they were thrown, under normal circumstances you would be totally safe, as you would have to like totally grip lock it to endanger anyone watching, i had taken my shot and was walking out to watch and had got about halfway there when i heard someone holler FOUR ! well instead of doing what i should have done which was duck and cover, i turned to look just in time to take a griplocked shot to the head, dropped me like a sack of potatoes !! hands down i have never been hit that hard in my life ! it totally mangled my glasses, i think actually my glasses kept me from getting hurt worse, i picked myself up off the ground though and manned it up and played on and actually ended up having one of my best scoring rounds at this perticular course, so now sometimes if i am having a bad round my one buddy will ask me if i need a disc upside the head to help me play better LOL.

my buddy felt so bad about it that he retired the disc and gave it to me, it is now a wall hanger, oh and needless to say that was one of those lessons learned the hard way, the only time i will go out and spot for someone now is in deep snow or extremely bad holes with disc eating woods or brush, i will never repeat the dumb move of walking out to spot without making it known to whomever i am spotting for to wait to throw till i atleast get out there !!
I putt with a black Magic....losing it is not an issue..unless there is like an instantious solar eclipse while on the way to the chains. My first ace was with a black Cyclone way back in 95...I did lose it for a while but it found it's way back home. It now hangs on the wall. I was kicking myself back then for throwing it on that hole in that light (twilight).

I almost always buy bright discs...however, I recently added a Star Max to the bag...It's black, I'm going to try to throw it only on open shots.
Black & clear discs. Cool to look at. Tough to find once thrown!
i own a black star valk, definitely a tough one if its not next to the basket, so i learned to throw it straight and far. i have two clear discs that ive owned for 2 years. clear QMS and a chihng supreme velocity variable stability disc. easy to find a disc when you throw it where youre supposed to.
i use a black stratus, only during the winter though. otherwise i have a white one i use in the summer.
I love black putters. I putt with a black D Challenger. It's easy to find... it's in the basket.
I dont throw black, white, Tye dye, crystal green or clear. i used to but spent way too long looking for them. I just won two black pro D challengers that I will put with but that's it. Bright is rite for me

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