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Hey guys just joined the community. Looking for some advice. I have a halo and a leopard. I have been looking at something straighter but still as long as the halo. When I overthrow the halo it has a tendency to go left and then fall back right. I am thinking a dominator, ape, or maybe a hurricane. When I looked at the dominator I became interested in the blizzard technology but im afraid it wont work as well in wind. Is a heavier weight in a blizzard just a champion? Then for a straight approach I am looking at a heavier leopard unless someone recommends something else. Sorry about all the questions guys but I figure you all know best. Thanks!

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Blizzard are fine for me and have extended my game into the 60yr old category. 

The present blizzard discs have a majority of the the air bubbles in the rim which could affect the durability and reliablity of some of these discs. 

I have only tried the  bliz. boss, destroyer and katana.!

Thanks for the reply Mike. So if I got a destroyer or dominator would you say blizzard or champion? I want to throw it far but I dont want to get knocked around in the wind. Then I may give the TL a try besides the leopard

are you right or left handed/are u throwing back handed ?   i have a few blizzards and telling you what they do is impossible.. you can get the same mold/same weight and they will fly differantly.. my local group ends up trading em around. just have to experiment and find the ones that work for you.. blizzards are light weight disc and i have found they give me good distance. ( i am bout a 275 to 325 foot thrower )...  my best drivers are vibram rubber disc.. the unlace has wicked long range. my go to eat up the feet disc.

Blizzard technology allows less weight for the same mold profile, below 150g I think they float. Wind will affect the lighter weight by providing increased glide unless it is a head wind. Head winds require a heavier disc to be effective.

Heavier discs will always travel farther due to physics. Imagine throwing a whiffle ball, a baseball, and a cannonball. At some point the weight of the disc will hinder your ability to develop maximum velocity at release. It's all about velocity and mass. The glide is a bonus factor in certain wind conditions. The speed rating is better described as its resistance to drag.

I would only recommend "Blizzard" if you are having difficulty releasing at design velocity of any "standard weight" disc.

Champion is a plastic type. There are many plastic types. Blizzard is air pockets in the rim chemically created during the molding process to reduce overall weight while maintaining the shape and aerodynamics of a "standard" disc.

The best way to find your "right" discs is to throw as many as you can. Play It Again Sports at some locations have a great selection of used discs for a cheap price. Good to try a used one before spending the dough on a new one.

Some of my longer straighter discs are: Wraith, Flow, Surge, Nuke, JLS, Katana, Monarch. 

Welcome to the club site and good luck on the course.

From Innovas website:

Our new Blizzard technology incorporates thousands of microbubbles into our durable Champion plastic. This results in high speed, premium plastic drivers in weights all the way down to 130 grams! Blizzard discs discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier. Models under 140 grams are light enough to float in water! The Blizzard Champion Line has been adding distance for both pros and ams. The Blizard Champion Boss currently holds the Distance World Record at 255 meters.


  • Superior durability in light weight plastic
  • Lighter weights = More distance with less effort
  • Great for beginners
  • Discs float in water when under 140grams
  • Same price as Champion


I am right handed and I am a side arm thrower. I have been trying to develop a back hand throw, but I can't seem to get the same whip on it as side arm. That's what it sounds like though, that all blizzards fly a little different. I have a friend that just lost one, and I didn't know they were one of the farthest plastics on the market. My problem is a lot of my friends don't play; I'm the one with all of the discs. I don't throw standard discs bad, but when I found out that blizzards give so much distance I defintately became curious and I thought I would ask you guys. So thanks!


Like I told Wayne, I don't have trouble throwing standard discs but when I heard about the success blizzards have had I became interested. In my first message, I said I want a dominator or a destroyer I think unless there is something else out there that is worth considering. Plus, I think I have made up my mind on a TL for an approach and short straight holes. However, if I don't try the blizzard plastic I will use the champion plastic. I don't have many people around me that are interested in disc golf, I'm trying but I'm the one with the most discs. So I don't really know what to do for trying discs before I buy them. I have had that problem in the past; I assume something is going to work and then it just collects dust. I have always been involved with Innova. I think Discraft discs I have tried they just weren't the best and the latest Halo for latitude 64 has been the best but it has started turning left longer which I don't like. I'm open to recommendations. Thanks!


I made sure to check out Innova's website first, but here is a question I have for you. If I'm understanding you right, since I use a lot of discs at 170 or higher for a side arm throw, you are saying that a blizzard at 150-155 would work well for me and give me added distance? Good information, thanks.

Glad to find the site. Good luck on the course also.


Nope, I'm not saying that at all. I throw backhand, can't throw forehand to save my life, working on it.

So, maybe you can throw farther with Blizzard, maybe not.

Sounds like a lot of the community. I don't know I have been trying to work on backhand but there is something about it that I can't get the same whip on it as forehand. What's the secret behind it? Haha. What did you mean by "Blizzard discs discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier?" So you are recommending to take the champion plastic approach instead of blizzard?

"Blizzard discs discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier" is a direct quote from Innova'a website.

I've only been playing for a year, but I have tried an awful lot of discs. The way I understand it, the better the plastic (in the exact same disc mold) the more 'overstable' the disc is. THat seems to hold true in my case. For instance, I have Teebird discs in DX plastic and Champion plastic. I can throe th DX plastic and it goes where I want it to probably 80% of the time. I cannot get the Champion plastic to go were I want it to. Ever.

It just goes off to the left.

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