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I recently started throwing more understable discs than I'm used to. the past 8 months or so I've been ripping super overstable fast drivers but recently I got a flash and a beast. I had been using the flash for up and over shots and some slight flex drives(backhand) but I can't help but turn them both over as hard as I can. I have a few holes on courses I play that are very obvious sidearm holes but I refuse to do it if I can rip an anny down that way. Basically what I'm trying to get at here is, would it be detrimental to my disc golf growth to take the anny shots over throwing sidearm? I am more than capable of throwing sidearm on alot of holes to keep that as a ready option, but I'm far more comfortable throwing anhyzers. HELP!

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As long as you dont let your sidearm technique degrade due ot lack of use, throwing Anhyzers shouldn't hurt your game. Be careful though, I find with sidearm that its harder to keep your touch than with backhand.
There is no right or wrong answer here. Both anhyzers and forehands are difficult to control. Which one you prefer is up to you. If you practice both, eventually the answer will become clear.

Except for Mike Raley, no one is equally good at every shot. But a controlled shot turning to the right is a staple you need to be able to rely on. If you look at the top 100 players in the world, most of them choose backhand anhyzers over forehand hyzers off the tee. But the world is changing and more players are developing forehands. Our current world champion, Avery Jenkins throws forehands. Geoff Bennett has the talent to be top 10 and he forehands.

You need basic competence with both shots because there are times, stuck in the bush, when you don't have the choice.
the more variety of throws you have the better off you will be. I would also think a sidearm throw would be a more controlled response/throw as well. As compared to an anny shot?
Since you're more comfortable with the anhyzer I would go that direction while making sure you practice the sidearm, that will be needed, as been said in this thread
Good luck!.
personally i prefer the anny shot, because i can't throw the sidearm properly with my right arm so i don't have that option.just practice a variety of shots and have fun
thank you all for the help. the only thing that's really pushing me to stick with the anny shot is the fact that I don't lose control on it. I've been primarily backhanding for over a year now and I'm much more consistent with a backhand anny than I am with a forehand hyzer. I shot a round today and used primarily anhyzer shots and I took three strokes off of my average. granted my drives are only a part of my game but they always keep my confidence boosted.
i would do a roller....
I through anhyzers mostly when theres plenty of room,if its tight i through sidearm.Its really just a players perspective,whatever works for you keep doing and good luck.
I think the development of all these super-fast and super-stable discs has made the forehand shot a lot more viable.. A lot of the newer guys at my course that bought the wrong drivers (ie. Grooves and Bosses) to start with just ended up forehanding and getting decent results out of it.
I love using my Flash as a anhyzer disc, the trick is you need to throw it on a hyzer angle on release and let the disc hyzer flip into the anhyzer to keep it from turning way over into a roller. A forehand is great but there are times when you have a dogleg right hole that you want the disc placement to be on the left side of the fairway. Using a slightly flippy Flash or a disc such as a beast will allow you to get the hyzer flip around the corner and depending on your power control the disc will come out of the anny and flatten out then hyzer slightly. Forehands won't do that. Beyond drives there are many instances where a midrange forehand shot may be blocked by an obstacle making the backhand anhyzer a more appropriate choice.
again, thanks for the feedback! I've been using the overstable fast drivers for a while now but I had to grow into them. I didn't go out and buy xcals and tee-rex's right off the bat, I've grown my backhand from a beast into a super fast beat in boss, as to the comments about the flash. mine is beat in just perfect, I can release hyzer get a flip and finish soft anny with out the possibility of a roll. I use the flash mostly for my backhand flex shots that end anny and my beast for the straight out anny's that hold a hard and steady fade. I see those two drives as anything I could do with a forehand drive but without sacrificing control. I understand that having the forehand in my arsenal is totally nessecary but I think it takes second to the many anhyzer backhand shots I can make. What else would be a good anhyzer disc? I have the beast, flash, and have recently started experimenting with super understable beat in rocs and meteors.
Glide, breeze, kite, stratus...personally the metor and my older glide are my favorite

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