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So far I've had bad experiences with the folks that work the tennis shops in El Dorado and La Mirada (both in S. California). Each time I go in to check out and/or buy discs I get the feeling that the employees want nothing to do with me, like they are being forced to cater to my disc golfing needs. 

At Eldo I've actually seen the worker's facial expression change from blissful content, while conversing with fellow tennis players, to downright constipation when he realized I was next in line. 

La Mirada's shop used to be cool, but the gentleman that ran it is gone and now a new crew resides, a crew that charges $11/$12 for used discs. (And why are four or five baskets missing from the back 18?)

Has anyone else experienced this?

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The Pro shop at La Mirada is tennis focused as is the El Dorado shop. Disc Golf is a side line.

The "missing" baskets at La Mirada were privately owned baskets that were removed at the request of the park department. There were complaints that errant discs were hitting cars in the parking areas surrounding those holes.
Thanks, Discette.
I went there just a little bit ago when I was visiting my parents. I was so excited to play there, what a bad disc golf experiance that was.
I play El dorado about 5 times a week. They are usually pretty nice but the shop is mainly geared towards tennis. I never buy discs there! They are overpriced!
Go to Discover the World in Buena PArk! They are super nice and totally have the best prices!!!!!!! It is about a 15 minute drive from El Do. You can then go play at La Mirada after which is pretty close to the shop!
I would rather help the disc specific businesses then the "we happen to carry some discs" shops.
Yeah, I've stopped purchasing any disc golf supplies from non-disc golf establishments. I've been to DTWorld and love it! The gentlemen that runs the place is extremely nice and kindly answers all of my questions. I guess I was just curious if other people in other parts of the world deal with similar attitudes at their local course.
why does everyone from Cali use the word "totally"?
Before I moved I used to stop into this bike store that had discs. I actualy had employes stop, turn around and walk away when they realized I was there to buy discs instead of a bike. I even had a guy give me the one min hand jesture when I tried to pay just because he was on the phone with his lady. Same guy the week before told her he would call her back when a guy wanted to pay for a bike. Luckaly now I live near The Throw Shop now and get awesome service.
I once walked into a swanky tennis shop in a wealthy suburb, checking out the sports clothes and shoes. I was dressed in a nice suit because I had a Court Hearing earlier in the day (and lawyers, at least male lawyers, have dress codes for appearing in Court).

A salesperson was chatting me up as I looked at their overpriced shoes and started talking about tennis. I told him I was a golfer, and he lifted his snobbish nose up a bit at this news. He then asked me why I would wear tennis shoes while playing golf. I told him I played disc golf. This caused him to sniff and walk away, as I was unworthy of his time.

I found this hilarious. Just freaking hilarious. It made my day. The suit I was wearing probably cost more than he made in a month.
Mark Ellis!!! Great video clinics.

You have a good story there. I admire your attitude with the situation.
Same reason everybody back east says "wicked cool" dude!lol!!
I curious how much that suit costs to be possibly more than the guys mounthly wages.
Because back in the day the word fit perfectly with "tubular." :)

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