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I personally love the buzz, and I have my reasons.... I have thrown the Roc, and it just isn't for me. However, there are a lot of folks out there that have not made up their minds.

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I was a Buzzz player for the over year (didn't believe in midranges before that...., putter or driver in early days....)

The past month or so I've been throwing a Roc 12x Pro and the past 2wks using a Roc 9x Pro for annies.

AAANNNNDDD I'm not religious at all..... but if there is a God, it made the ROC on the 7 day while we relaxing.

Numberous, numberous worlds and US championships won with huge help with this disc and Aviar
Don't know why you guys think you need to take a second mortgage out for a Roc? It's just not true anymore. Just bought two for fourty duckets (eco- star)
Well I do have both in my bag. Can't imagine NOT having both, but since the Roc can handle the wind better. It gets my vote.
all hail the Roc. Personally I think the Roc is great for various beat in stages. Buzzz is what I recommend to beginner to intermediate players. When I first started using the Roc again I hated it like the first time. Because I was trying to "Ape it/TeeRex it" Roc is a touch midrange in my opinion.... It's just like putting out of bounds in the game of disc golf/ball golf, this disc is "all about control, not power".
don't you mean. While SHE was relaxing lol!
First mids were a Buzzz and a Wasp, both in Z plastic. I just couldn't make them work for me. Bought 2 Rocs and have been happy since. My girl prefers the Wasp over both of them. For midrange I only carry 2 Rocs one a little more beat in than the other, and can do any shot I need to. The Buzz sits in my living room to pick up and spin on my finger when I'm pondering disc golf.

Neither is really better than the other, it's just a matter of what you throw best. Confidence in a disc can make any disc better than the "Best" disc. I have confidence in my Rocs that I didn't have with the others, I've made more longer range shots with my Rocs than I did the others.

My answer, the Roc for me, but throw both and see what works for you. I can throw the hell out of a Groove, but most people don't like them, I can long putt like a madman with an Aero and short putt great with a Wizard, but most prefer Aviars. It's all about what works for you and gives you confidence.
I put "IT" to be totally biasis
I didn't my 9x was only about 3 times the cost of a regular Roc and worth every penny. It's my baby. I throw it in the creek on a 200ft'ish drive this past weekend and everybody laughed and I full speed ran after it from the tee, lol.

Gorgeous. I actually didn't realize Ken Climo won World's 9yrs in a row. until I owned this '90-'98.

It's Purdy. taha, taha.

Seriously, don't dis one until you have one. Hell David Feldberg uses a 10x Roc is his only midrange disc. Speaking of which am I the only that's noticed he hasn't done so great at large amount of tournaments this year.
Z Buzzz or Crystal Buzzz are the shit....... I have a Classic ROC and all it does is pull to the left when ever i try to put any kind of power behind it
Classic Roc and Roc are completely different. First time I thrown a regular Roc I didn't like it because of the domish tops (Pro Rocs and Ontarios). Actually havn't tried the Rancho's. I have a few white and red ones.

Rocs to me turnover much easier and get more various results with difference amount of power (true with any midrange, though much more so with a Roc). I would say a Roc is more touchy then a Buzzz.You have to treat her right or else she isn't putting out. She's a classy lady, lol.
I believe the classic is the closest to the original Roc mold....hence the name.
this is true, though still completely different then other Rocs
i've thrown my buddies DX Roc and i thought it was ok but didn't like the feel of it in my hand, i just got a 171g elite z buzzz a few days ago and i haven't thrown it yet but it does feel really good in my hand so i hope it flies as nice as it feels.

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