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I personally love the buzz, and I have my reasons.... I have thrown the Roc, and it just isn't for me. However, there are a lot of folks out there that have not made up their minds.

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oh no you didn't......
Can of worms...now open :)

Ahh, the perennial topic of Roc vs Buzz...almost like asking "Which came first: the chicken, or the egg?"
I know that the Roc came first, and I also know that everyone has their own opinion, and I know what everyone's opinion smells like. I started this forum not to say bad things about either mid-range, but to talk about the good things about either mid range.
My point of view on rocs versus discraft midranges "the hive" (buzz, drone and wasp)

I like the roc. I think it is the best disc ever made. I can throw it 400' or I can stick it under the pin from 110', hell I'd even trust putting with it.

I have used "the hive before" and been pleased with what they did. I could not however carry just one of them and do all the throws that I can do with one roc.

It's all in how well you know the disc in your hand. I throw the roc all the time, therefore, I trust I can throw it how I want.

The best thing about any model of any disc is how consistent it is from batch to batch. My experience has been that I can pick up a new roc and go out and make the throw. I haven't owned enough discraft to say whether the buzz or the other two are made consistent.

I didn't know there was anything that compared to the Roc...:)
I prefer the buzz.....Also like how consistent they are from run to run....but also throw a Wasp.....which is kinda Roc-ish IMO..
I prefer the Buzzz, for some reason it just feels better in my hand I have tried dozens of rocks made from all sorts of plastics but they never feel as good to me at the buzzz. To me it feels as tho the lip on a roc is deeper and seems to catch more as it leaves my hand. I like the roc can throw the roc but just cant seam to master it as well as I have the buzzz (not to say that I have mastered it either).
I throw a Classic Roc and a Z Buzz. Both for different situations. If I can't make up my mind on those two...I'll pull out a Gator.
I'm a Buzz user. Made the switch from a very trusted Roc at the beginning of last season and have been very pleased with the results. Mainly made the choice to support the hometown production...I'm a Michigan raised golfer.

The way I think of Atrain's comment on the whole "hive" verse a single Roc is that I generally see a Roc thrower carry three different Rocs in varying stages of "broken in". Where the Buzz thrower carries maybe 2 Buzzes, one newer or of different plastic then the second, and a Wasp or Drone as well. Both players carry 3 discs but for three different uses.
Personally, I love my ESP plastic and both the Buzz and Wasp are run in that plastic. The Roc though is the same ol' Roc. I can go through 5 Rocs a season, and only 2 or 3 Buzzes.
Here we go again...If we are going to spell Buzzz (Buzz) can we spell Roc (Rock) so we are at least consistent? LOL
One thing is for sure !!!! Whichever Disc you throw , make sure you experiment with different weights in Both !!!!!
At least there's a choice now. Before the Buzzz, you pretty much had to use a Roc. I learned how to play with a Roc and can throw once very well. It always felt a tad uncomfortable but i managed to ignore that. Once the Buzzz hit the market and people actually gave it a shot, i think they were quite impressed. It (Buzzz) was a tad smaller in diameter and a tad smaller in depth, which i think made a HUGE difference when it came to comfort. However as a Discraft sponsored player the choice became simple. :-)

Try both, and throw the one that YOU get the best results with. It's really that simple.


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