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I personally love the buzz, and I have my reasons.... I have thrown the Roc, and it just isn't for me. However, there are a lot of folks out there that have not made up their minds.

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I've never had the pleasure of throwing a Roc, but hopefully soon. I do carry 2 Buzzz discs in my bag. I like them. I also carry a Wolf. I like it as well. What it really comes down to is which one do you throw better. Not everyone throws the same, has the same grip or size hands. It's all preference. Now...on to something really important. Coke or Pepsi?
I have used ROC's and kicked alot of butt with it, but have ACED 4 Buzz's (retiered)? Hmmm? If I had to choose one or the other, Hmmmm? Buzz hands down
I am not qualified to answer this question as I have never thrown a Buzzz in my 14 years disc golf experience! That is despite the fact fact that I play on a regular basis with a Discraft team member. I have however owned and thrown many Rocs and I do love them deeply( that sounded a little creepy!). There truly is a fraternity of Roc users, we communicate in a language of molds (San Marino, Ontario, Rancho), plastics(DX, KC,candy,star,glo,etc)and degree of wear, among other things. Will I try a Buzzz? I don't know. Some might say I am just afraid that I could possibly like it more than my trusted Roc(not likely!), but I just chalk it up to "dancin' with the girl you brung".

P.S. Fan grip the Roc!!!!!!! (my moto)
So, for you Rock guys that never tried a Buz, or the other way around. Does that mean you married the first girl you ever "dated" also? LOL!
Matt Jankowski said:
P.S. Fan grip the Roc!!!!!!! (my moto)

words to live by... :)
flat top rocs are the way.
HERE WE GO AGAIN! I have both and use both depending on what I think the situation calls for. ROC's seem to be a little more stable.
Here's my buzzz/roc journey (it's long, but I tried to make it amusing):

Started with Z Buzzz...loved it. Loved it even more when it was beat completely straight. Disc was stolen. I was (and I'll be strong enough to cry in front of you guys about this) devastated.

I pondered how long it took to get the disc to that point (2 seasons) then I cried some more.

I tried the D Buzzz between sobs and found it too understable from the beginning-- more wailing ensued.

I then tried a dx roc and started to see a glimmer of hope. I threw it for half a season before it beat in to perfection. I dried my tears on my new friend (the dx roc) and it's been in the bag since.

Long story of the redemption of a tragic tale made short[er]:

I love the z buzzz but it takes too long to beat in. The dx roc was the tonic this golfer needed.

ps...I just actually bought a cryztal buzzz the other day, wooed by it's sparkly beauty. I hope I'm not in for another heartbreak...I'll always have my rocs to carry me through. So I guess my final answer to the question is that my rocs are trusted friends, but the z buzzz was my girl.

pps...I hope my wife doesn't read this, she'd say I've lost it...and I'd have no counter-argument.
ah yes, I am a natural born roc thrower , but as of the last year and a half, they have been replaced by buzzz's and actually I now have 2 buzzz's and 1 wasp in my bag, all "Z" plastic, the one buzzz is a beater, the other a freshy , and a fresh wasp for the stability, I find my self using the wasp more like a rock then I do a buzzz, for me the buzzz is for covering a good distance and really being able to get on it and it holding its line, whichever way it is, its very fast and doesnt glide as slow as a roc, because of the edge a roc has im sure, I am slowly collecting roc's for the day I go back but the the main diff for me in the beginning of the switch was how the buzzz didnt really have the lip that a roc has or even a wasp , and that changed my throw for a little while until I started throwing the wasp more, I do recomend a disc that is not comparible to the ROC but is an exact oppostie charictaristically in its flight patterns from the buzzz, its the meteor, on my more technical course, its given me atleast 3 strokes off my game, I love it and cant say enough about it, try one, especially if you like letting go at a heizer angle and watch it flip up flat, then anny, then flat, then come back straight for about 400, threading the needle, its just a blast to throw, try it out
I haven't made up my mind, Fedora. I carry both--even if I'm going with the short bag that day.
I'll weigh in here and throw my 2 cents of bias into this discussion. I have played around with the Elite Z Buzzz and a FLX Buzzz some and have been throwing a Roc for a long, long time and think the Buzzz is less stable than a Roc. Maybe a better comparison would be comparing a Wasp to a Roc or a Shark to a Buzzz. Since the Buzzz is less stable, I don't like throwing the Buzzz into a headwind. I find a Roc or a Wasp to be better suited for that condition. Also, when I throw the Buzzz on a slight hyzer shot I do not get the same "stabling up" effect that I get when I throw a Roc. However, I find the Buzzz easy to throw and good for straight shots even when it is new and that is its strength especially for newer players. Dropping down a few grams in weight with a Roc can help get the same results when the disc is new.

Da Roc.
i'll start by saying "to each his own". consistency reigns supreme with me. this is where discraft comes in to play. innova had great runs with CE but, in my opinion, that's it. mass production has failed. it has failed you and i and all. sure a USDGC CE Roc is money. once a year the Roc is made right, woohoo. i personally don't have the patience or the money to stock up.

i think it's all where you come from. i recently moved from kansas to colorado. It seems like i moved from Discraft country to Innova country. i'm sure it speaks true of other states as well.

Also, to agree with a few of you, roc and wasp.

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