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Since i've been gaining distance with my throws, my buzzz's have been annying on me more and more. does anyone else find this to be true? Also I'm lookin for a overstable middy (discraft), any suggestions?

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I feel the same way about my buzzz. I was looking up the Wasp (1.5)ESP and Elite Z and the Drone FLX(2.6) and ProD (2.5). They were also saying the Drone is nice for forhand shots. Might complete that spot in the bag.
I love my crystal buzz it holds the line i put it on but have been throwing a stalker lately and like it because it will go farther straighter than my buzz so you might wanna check one out.
As you gain distance. This often means you are getting more snap, power, and improving your technique. The next step is learnig how to apply it. You just can't grip and rip every disc. The Buzzz is one of the best "control" mids out there, if not the best! It can pretty much be used for any shot. Minus spike hyzers or a stiff headwind. Heck you can still use it for those, The results might not be that good though lol!! You most likely just need to go out to a field and practice with it. There is nothing like watching it snake through some trees and land nice and soft either in the basket or next to it.
I carry my Roc for the stable to slightly overstable stuff and a Buzzz for my stable to slightly understable shots. As for an overstable disc. There is the Wasp and Drone. Innova has the Whippet (more overstable than the Drone!) and the Gator. To bad you won't try other companies discs.There are some great discs you will miss out on.

i've tried my share of innova (at least 10) i just seem to like the feel of not only the disc's from discrafts better but the plastics as well. also, it probably doesnt help that im from MI, so i might be a little partial : )
The Drone is awesome for forhand approach shots. I have an FLX 179g Drone and it has done wonders for the things that I've done with it. The Wasp is nice for something slightly overstable compared to the Buzzz. You'll find that you can throw the Wasp "sligtly" further than the Buzz, but not much. The thing that I like about the Wasp (Z 175g) is that it has more glide than the Buzzz.
I'd say that the Whippet and the Drone are pretty equal in stability and the Wasp is slightly less. I can definately throw my Wasp straighter for longer than the Whippet or Drone. You just have to make up for the snap on the Buzz, I've been able to throw a Buzzz ~330' pretty straight and a Wasp pretty close to that. As for a Roc, I've been able to throw it pretty close to a Buzzz as far as accuracy and distance. Rescue is right, you have play in an open field to get a feel for the new distance and still be able to throw it just as far....straight.
Yeah, I think you're a little partial Joe.
I sounds like as you are gaining more power you are losing some control. I know big power boys who throw a Buzzz a ton without it flipping over. Joe, you are from Michigan. Watch Critter Bill or Mike Henry or Marty Peters or Kevin Tomasistis throw a Buzzz. Unless it burns up as it re-enters the atmosphere they all can throw it straight.

Just like a race car, as you add more power it takes more skill and precision to control it.

So test out Wasps and Zones and Drones but don't abandon the Buzzz. If you can learn to throw a Buzzz flat it one of the best discs ever made.
Try a zone its not a mid but it sure flies like one. Once I got a zone their wasn't a need for a drone anymore.
i have and zone, and love it, but im lookin for that extra distance. i went out today and tried my friends drone and i think thats what im going to go with. have yet to throw a wasp though
i think the simplest answer is this. buy a brand new buzz. if you're flipping it, then you need to throw you're release, still flat, but with the wing of the disc slightly down. i throw a beat up star stingray and depending on how far i want it to turn over, i adjust the hyzer of the release accordingly. i hit two baskets with it yesterday. that disc doesn't seem to stick, for some reason. but learning the amount of hyzer to release it with makes it a very accurate disc in tight wooded situations. for straight shots and turnover shots. btw, i also throw a z buzz. once i get it broken in a little more, i believe that it will replace my stingray. i've already aced once with it, it has no problem sticking in the chains....lol.
My Cryztal Z Buzzz flies it's straightest when it's thrown hard. Wasp is just a little more overstable and also great. Done is an awesome uber-stable mid.

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