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I throw RHBH and I am one of those darn toe draggers. This means that I blow out the outside of my left shoe toe area in a short amount of time. I have seen this topic debated more than a few times on this side and it seems the direction of the debate always goes towards whether you lose distance or not when you drag your toe. I don't drag my toe when I am throwing big drives I drag my toe when I am throwing controlled shots and I feel like it improves my accuracy. Does anyone else do the same thing? How do you deal with having to replace your shoes all of the time

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I use a lot of shoe goo, i cover the spot where it drags, a couple days a week. It doesn't make my shoe look too pretty, but for one they are holding up more then 2 months, I still expect the soles to wear soon
Let's have a march: stride, drag, stride, drag, stride, drag.

I have no idea how dragging affects my distance or accuracy because I always drag on forehand shots.
Go to payless. I use new balance shoes. Costs me 10 bucks a pair. Might go throught 2 or 3 pairs a year but that beats 90 for the good shoes!
Just keep buying your favorite shoes !!!
I don't think Toe dragging would cause a loss of power UNLESS it prevents your feet from pivoting correctly or your hips from turning over. I've seen Mr. Ellis's forehand shot and it doesn't prevent his power. I would believe that because of your racquetball background your body gets the range of motion and whip required for the shot. A buddy of him however, throwing RHBH, drags his toe and it massively effects his throws as it prevents his range of motion. When gets a good throw BH it is because he drags his foot less. His forehand however is always impressive (because his BH isn't, not a slight just the truth) even though he still drags his foot.

Another BH friend drags his foot and it has no effect on his power at all as the drag only happens after his hips have turned and the power has already come from the ground through his feet and hips and already made it to his torso and shoulders. (I have a martial arts background and kinetic linking is a big thing).
i just went out and bought $6 water shoes and so far their working nice
I'm a bonafide toe dragger & I've got the video to prove it. Enjoy the sound of rubber on concrete as I drag my left foot across the teepad like it's my job. Surprisingly, my shoes last me about a year because I will wear a my new pair only for events and monthlies and use an older pair for casual rounds and practice.

Apply to New Shoes Before you wear them down...add more as it gets worn off...shoes stay new, only goo wears down. This stuff is great and repairs more than shoes. I added some grip spikes to my worn down Bite shoes and gave them new life! Shoe Goo or Shoe Goo II...both work good.

You see, this is why there needs to be a shoe designed specifically for disc golf. It needs to have something hard and compact on the toe and under the ball of the foot to prevent dragging damage and to allow rotations on the ball of the foot. It also needs aggressive treads on the arch and heal of the shoe so the wearer can still negotiate tough terrain.

P.S. all of my shoes that I wear disc golfing have drag damage.
There are some cool shoes for martial artists that have pivot spots on the souls. Fantastic for kicking. Maybe one of them could get a steel toe inserted into it. On second thought, no. That is just scary.
I drag my toe..Band new nikes used to last me a month it seemed. My girlfriend bought me the keen disc golf shoe for christmas and they are holding up well. They have ripped in other places from thorns and stuff but the toe still looks good. They are expensive... $120 bucks but I'm sure I would have gone through at least 3 pairs of nike by now.. So I figure I've saved at least $60 bucks. Plus I haven't stubbed my toe one time since christmas... How many times have you stubbed your toe? ouch!

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