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Some PDGA members have wondered if I could be an effective Board member.  I wonder too, probably even more than they do.  It is now time to face this question head-on, because its answer depends on the results of the upcoming election.


I am a "reform" candidate.  You can look at my platform on the "Ask Board Candidate Peter Shive" thread on the PDGA Discussion Board.  Being effective means being able to accomplish a significant number of the following reforms:

1) The Board would consist entirely of elected members.  No appointed members (see post #37 on that thread).

2) Secrecy would be dispelled.  Members would know what is going on before the fact, and would also know a lot more about how their money is being spent (28, 36).

3) Board members and PDGA officers would disclose potential conflicts of interest (18, 22, 28).

4) Independent vendors would be offered the opportunity to bid for the PDGA online service contract (8).

5) The website would function efficiently (4).

6) Priorities would be revised (52, 56, 58).


Two things are clear.  I cannot be effective unless you agree that these reforms are desirable.  Nor can I be effective if you elect "establishment-type" Board members who support or condone the status quo.  This means that, when you vote, there are two simple considerations that would rule me out as an effective candidate.


1) One ballot item will ask for your approval of the recent Bylaws change that allows the Board to appoint part of its own membership.  If you vote to approve the appointment of Board members, you should not vote for me.

2) If you vote for Feldberg, or Pozzy, or Decker, you should not vote for me.      

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I want to see Transparency !!!!! I want to know what's going ON before it Happens !   What the HELL !!!!  Were is all those MILLIONS of dollars actually going ?  Should I STOP supporting the PDGA after 30 years ?


A VERY Upset Customer. :(

Isn't it technically impossible to SEE transparency? :)


Haha thats funny stuff right there


No.  My Z plastic is transparent and I can see it. :)

Thanks for doing the hard work, Peter.  The light you shine on some of these issues is almost blinding.  Having this sort of grounded, well-informed, issue-based campaigning can potentially take the voting procedures well beyond the knee-jerk name picking I suspect has happened in previous years with big name players.  I'm not sure if voting members were star struck by the pros who have been running, or if they just really think the PDGA should ONLY benefit the elite NT pros, or something else entirely, but overall moving in this direction just seems silly and bodes poorly for the functioning of our association.  Just as in our broader society, we need more information and deliberation in order to make good choices.  Until we start raising difficult questions like this, we're not going to get very far from where we are now.  As Thomas Pynchon said in Gravity's Rainbow: "If they get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers." 


Again, I applaud you for raising the good, tough questions even if they aren't popular.  You will be getting my vote.  If the PDGA and other candidates were more willing to engage in this type of critical (self) reflection, we would all be better off and our associations future would be even brighter--and more transparent.  Best of luck!

I second that.  I'm not a member but if I was, I'd vote for you too.

Yeah I quit being a member years ago because of all the bs that goes on and lack of vision, other then a few good things to happen with disc golf it has basically gone nowhere as far as growth or exposure in the real world.Don't get me wrong I love to play when I get a chance to but this sport could be way bigger and main stream if the people incharge had the drive to make it happen.This sport has been around a long time and you never hear nothing about it but in the media other then a random news clip here and there.


good luck pete...rage against the mechine.


I rarely get compliments as gracious as yours.  Thanks.  It helps.



I've got a great idea.  If you join before August 7, you can vote!




I'll Vote for the Best person to do the Job !!!!  They Better do there Job too !!!!!  No more Political BS !
Sounds like it can be HARD to know who the "BEST" person(s) really are. Especially for newer members of the PDGA that have not had the time to see what may or may not being happening in the past few years...
How do I "vote" for 2 organizations, one for pros and another for Amateurs. The pdga is compromised. They can't and haven't been effective for either group. They don't serve my part of the country anyway. Good luck Peter!
Aren't the VAST majority of pdga members ams anyway?

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