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Snap is a mystery to me. I think I know what it is, at least I recognize it when I see it but I'm not sure what causes it or how to improve it.

My backhand snap is weak. My forehand snap is not. This is not a recent condition. I have played disc golf competitively for 15 years. My backhand snap is better than when I started but still weak and feeble compared to the average amateur tournament player. It makes no sense to me. When I played racquetball and ping pong I had good snap on both forehands and backhands but when I play disc golf I only have good snap on a forehand.

Why does my wrist work one way but not the other?

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Whack, Whack
snap  /snæp/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [snap] Show IPA verb, snapped, snap⋅ping, noun, adjective, adverb
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–verb (used without object) 1. to make a sudden, sharp, distinct sound; crack, as a whip; crackle.
2. to click, as a mechanism or the jaws or teeth coming together.
3. to move, strike, shut, catch, etc., with a sharp sound, as a door, lid, or lock.
4. to break suddenly, esp. with a sharp, cracking sound, as something slender and brittle: The branch snapped.
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6. Photography. to take a photograph, esp. without formal posing of the subject.
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Mark has "SNAP", when he throws his eyes sparkle nad his radiance emits a certain glow.
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Isn't that "Snap" with "Crackle & Pop!"
My defenition of snap is, the amount of spin you get on the disc as it leaves your hand. In some cases it makes a noise when your fingers snap together. The way you know if your getting good snap is if you can use a stable to slightly overstable disc, and still turn it over. You have to do more of a straight pull through to get it. Most of the time when people don't get enough snap, it is because they have too much of a round arm swing, not a pull through. Does that make sense?
There are a few componets to the throw. Plant, Whip, Speed, Snap, And follow-through

The plant is the stance you take making your base and securing yourself to propel the disc forward.

Whip is the ability to generate torque starting from your legs and continuing through your torso (Whiping your body around)

Speed is generally the speed of your arm as you pull the disc across your body

Snap is generated through the wrist, it is the wrist speed and motion at the very end of your swing just before the release. Your wrist should not be bent at 90 degrees when throwing because that creates drag, but should start about 20 degrees toward your forearm and end about 20 degrees toward the elbow. Imagine a fooseball table and hitting a "kill shot" it is the same motion as wrist snap.

Follow-through is the inertia created by your body making your body to follow much like a pitcher's hind leg coming through after the ball is in flight.
practice snap by snapping a towel, its the same motion. that is the way it was explained to me .snap to me is imparting momentum in to the disc .i bacically play crack the whip i run up ,reach back and accelarate my arm forward and snap my wrist at the end of the hit .
Lyle has a really good scientific description of what to do. Based on that and what Dunipace says in his article should be all a person needs to practice. Obviously watching the Stokely and Feldberg/Kenny videos will cement this data. Talking to a local pro to get hands on is just one more thing to help.

Thanks for your response Lyle, good read.

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