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Im a 5'2" chic who plays disc golf with mainly guys. they seem to throw way farther. can i learn to throw that far or is it just the guy muscles

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I agree with the points that technique and form are more important than distance. Drive for show, putt for dough. I have seen many guys who can just launch the disc, but their mid and short games leave a lot to be desired.

I have switched from RHFH to RHBH within the last year. What I have found is that I am able to control the disc, and my form is MUCH better since the switch. I may not have the distance (which wasn't always that great due to lack of control most times), but I know almost always where the disc will end up. I attribute that to practice.

If you want to see some of the things I have worked on since switching, please look up the Discraft Disc Golf Clinic video called More Distance Now. It can be found on Youtube or on Discraft's website.

Or just click here:


And, give Mark Ellis and the Discraft Crew a pat on the back. You can seriously learn a lot by watching, then practicing what they do in the video series.
It's all about the steroids.

Just kidding folks.
I agree, technique is what you want. That will give you the most distance with out compromising control. Learn to putt, that is most important to your game.
"Well Chris on a good day all shots in a 10" circle at 40 yds.... but in 3-d comp I shoot 70-74#'s and practice on ping-pong balls at 20 yds......"

That is pretty awesome.
Agree with the form and other issues. I am 45 and have been working on my Sub 150 game. I work very hard on hitting from 150ft and under to be within a 10 ft circle of the basket.

Can women compete on the same field as men. Not really. There will be a few exception but very few.
When I was in Knoxville TN. The Lady Vols Basketball just came off the perfect season and were returning most of the starters. The men's team was dreadful and I mean horrid and dreadful. A caller on a radio station asked, "Do you think the Mens and Women VOL basketball teams will play a pre-season team together." The reply was No. the guys would crush the girls everytime.

Second example: My first year teaching the girls had a top notch high school vollyball team. They decided as part of the spirit week that they would play some teachers in a game. Most of us were over 40 guys and out of shape. Without trying we creamed the girls. My assumption was were going to be beat and by a few points.

In a contest of equal level men and women the men will win every ime. That said, Val Jenkins would kick my butt every tine. My only chance of winning would be a my home course on a very windy day.
Yes you can throw that far. I have seen women throw farther than some guys. Practice , workout , Practice , work on proper technique , practice !!!!
NOOOOOOOOOOOO IT ISN'T.......YOU....YOuuuu..... AAArrRRRRGGGGggg.....Wow...sorry....roid rage, but I'm back ;)~
Yeah... Val, Liz, Des, and a whole lot of other pro women play way better than most men out there. The same is true in the golf world. Pro women could beat out a lot of guys, and I mean a lot of guys, but not the pro guys.

Again a lot of it has to do with what sport you're looking at. Check out iceskating the men's is all triples and quads. Women don't really do triples but who the heck cares, they're way better at EVERYTHING ELSE and knock the ice dancing crap, its silly. Ballroom dancing isn't an olympic event, break dancing isn't (and should be) so ice dancing should be out the window.
With correct form, I believe anyone past puberty can throw 350.
Courtney McCoy can consistantly break 400.
The problem I see with most girls is that the guys showing them don't know what they're talking about and the fact most don't utilize their lower body- I see both problems with guys aswell.
Yeah, I'd barely be able to even keep my balance on ping-pong balls, let alone shoot.

To be on-topic: Probably not, but neither will most guys. Hardly matters. It might take an extra throw (or two) to get to where you can putt. Just save a throw (or two) at close range.

Or, use the short tees. That's what they are for. Not just for women, they're for anyone who can't throw like "those guys".
watch-showdown at horning hideout,and urban discgolf project ,,same girls on both videos,on you tube,,,more girls should respond to this discussion
without technique the average boy will throw farther than the average girl, becouse the average boy is stronger than the average girl. also, there are more guys than girls that play disc golf, so there will be more guys going for pro than girls. i have seen girls that throw just as far as the guys. but ive also seen girls getting better scores than guys becouse their short game is better. personally im now throwing 70-80m, and i find there are not that many holes where this comes to great use. to be better at my game i have to throw more precisely, and be better at putting. perhaps is the biggest differens between guys and girls that a girl more often has to be good at short game and putting, while the guy can have worse technique and still save a throw becouse they use strenght to throw far. also this game is very mental, so if you work on consentration and how to throw wisely and make the right choices you can also be better at your game. so perhaps girls kan throw as far as men, but do they have to? is that why the guys are getting better scores? or is it just so many of them that some of them got to be that much better?

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