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I only Have 5:

1. Costs less money - DG is usually free to play with the exception of discs, and even then you only need 1 really. ($0-$12). Some courses is State parks charge a small pass fee but your average course will be free.
2. Better exercise - Walking is one of the greatest forms of physical fitness
3. Anthropology - DG is still an up an coming young sport, each and every time you and other DG'ers hit the course it helps grown and advance the sport.
4. Eco friendly - Most discgolf courses are installed with a very small ecological footprint. Ball golf courses always require a huge amount of earth to be moved and disrupted as well as the chemicals to keep the greens...well green!
5. Personal Expression - Ball Golf has been long known as a stuffy old man sport and despite the youth of the sport it will most likely always stay that way. if you wanna see a diverse crown in ANY sport...go to a discgolf course and enjoy.
6. You can play year round, even in the frozen North!
7. The average round takes only half as long to play, easier to fit more rounds per week into a busy life.
8. Easier to learn, skills develop more quickly.
9. It is easier and less expensive to make your own putting practice green in your own back yard, or even in a large basement.
10. Course layout is easier to change, and much faster than a ball golf course.
i agree with all but number 2. i walk when i play ball golf so i do get more exercise when i play ball golf.
1. Cheaper green fees
2. Cheaper equipment costs
3. Better exercise
4. Quicker, more convenient play
5. Easier to keep eye on and find flying object
6. Cooler players
7. More stylee
8. No special shoes required
9. No special course required, can play most anywhere
10. Because I can beat Tiger at it!
haha love number 10
1, It is less damaging to the environment; 2, it requires less land; 3, There is far less impact on the environment while installing a DG course; 4, DG courses can be placed in more different areas than BG; 5, Maintenance on a DG course is far less expensive than a BG course; 6, Installation cost, an entire DG course can be installed for less than i hole of a BG course; 7, You can play a round of DG in a lot less time than a round of BG; 8, You get more exercise in a round of DG (at least the average player does, I have see DGer's riding in golf carts though); 9, Equipment cost is far less; 10, You can better see a fling disc and get out of its way, as you can better hear "Fore" and when fore is called you have more time to react; 11, The players are more laid back and seem to just be a friendlier bunch; 12, DG is closer to Nature.
actually.....a DG course with concrete pads, signs...etc. ...can be installed for less then an average green.

From what I understand the average Green costs 30K
Do you mean for All 18 holes? Because that sounds a bit out there.
1 green...design and construction
ive heard up to $100,000 per green at a championship quality course.
• Disc Golf is friendly to varied levels of play. Beginners and experienced players can enjoy the game equally.

• Disc Golf is Family Friendly – when I played ball-golf, spending ball-golf levels of time and money to bring my kids, kids friends, SO out for something they wouldn’t enjoy anyway was out of the question.


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