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I don't want to reiterate what has already been posted...but there is one reason that is missing...disc golf is a hell of a lot easier to learn and play than ball golf.

I won't say that this makes disc golf 'better than' ball golf (or any reason for that matter)--but it certainly makes it a bit more enjoyable to play at all levels.

As an avid ball golfer (8 handicap) I cringed when I saw this posting--just waiting for the hate speech towards ball golf to begin--but I'm glad to see a fair amount of civility so far...
never heard of ball bolf
1 Real Big Reason: Most ball golf courses are filled with a bunch of big ego jerks.
2. Dress codes at private clubs.
3. Tee times have to be made.
4. Did I mention the jerks?
5. The jerks.
6. No carry on beverages.
7. and of course the big ego jerks who are certain that you do not belong on there course and think that you have no business even playing there sport.
let the hating begin...
I'm not really a hater. I used to play a lot of ball golf and just gave it up because of all the hassle. I have now found disc golf and love it! The more I play the more I want to play. I'm 47 years old and don't have much more than disc golf in common with many of the players but get along great with them. Most are half my age. I just love the sport and the laid back atmosphere. Many give me advise on how to improve my game and ask me to join there group. This NEVER happens in ball golf. As I said I'm not a hater, just a lover. A lover of disc golf. If more people my age new about this sport the courses would be packed.
Alot cheaper Greens Fees !!!
Hand size disc's vs. Bag full of yard sticks.
Bright Multiple colored Disc's Vs. Losable White disappearing Moth balls.
Costs less Money.
In my opinion much more Ability is needed in Disc Golf.
Also Easier To teach.
You can play with the top players! Try that with ball golf.
"In my opinion much more Ability is needed in Disc Golf."

you have got to be kidding me...
Lol Ive played ball golf for bout 4 years before I decided it was WAY to boring. Its hard to Grip at First but once you have form which you only really need one for every type of shot The game Becomes Repetative. Im no Pro because I lack the ability to Get distance in ball golf. But it is an easy game. Disc golf has so many different types of disc's in so many different categories Made by many different companys With A Multitude Of Plastics and they all fly differently. Control of one disc to all things is possible but with the use of Multiple Different Forms and Grips. Course i am prolly just talking out of my Elbow.
if ball golf its so easy, why do less than 5% of the golfing population shoot under par on a given day?

if disc golf is so difficult, why do the majority of players shoot under par on a given day?

The ease and familiarity of throwing a frisbee is what makes the game so attractive...there is nothing natural or easy about the golf swing...
Baseball,Hockey,Cricket. And because most courses are not up to par on the length of a ball golf course. As well as most people dont follow disc golf rule for rule like in ball golf. I guess i havent gotten a chance to play with better players yet but most people Ive seen play Do not follow fairway rules.


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