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Personally I have one main reason to explain why disc is better than ball golf. It's cool and all to watch a really good golf ball shot, but when you get that perfect snap and release with a disc it's over. Watching that disc take flight perfectly down the fairway is like no other.
Rude's Top Ten List: 1. Cheaper, no way I could afford a ball golf addiction 2. More social, I am the goodwill ambassador at my home course, I'll play with anyone and I meet new people all the time. Ball golfers usually don't take on newcomers. 3. Safety meetings 4. I like the disc golf lingo, I feel like its a new, evolving dialect 5. A lot of cute women out there 6. Bag tag rounds 7. Better exercise, no motorized carts, usually. I've lost 30 lbs. bicycling the 20 mile round trip and playing since late winter 8. I can practice at the park next to my pad, sweet! 9. Good club with plenty of old timers and big arms to mentor the newer players 10. We are hosting the 2010 Pro Worlds. Come on out to disc golf heaven in Indiana! It's hard to get a major in your backyard in ball golf.
Amen, Rudy! I'll be there for Worlds, wife's not overly happy about it. But how often do you get to rub elbows with the best in the world?
Sweet, I'll see you there. It'll be the first time I've see those guys play without watching a video. I'm on the park payroll, so I'll be getting the courses ready. I start tomorrow.
How is it "better exercise"???? If a disc course is 6000' you'll walk about 1 1/2-2 miles...depending on basket to tee distances. Walk and carry your clubs on a 7000 yard course and you'll walk about 5 miles.
I have never played ball golf without a cart to drive me around the course, so no walking exercise while playing ball golf. It takes long enough to play and drive, I couldn't imagine how long I would be on ball golf course if I had to walk.
There are some golfers, like myself, who prefer to walk.

When I walk a round, I can get around 18 holes and nearly 5 miles in 3.5 hours if the course isn't crowded (if it is, I go play disc golf)--thats a shorter amount of time than my local disc golf league can get in 18 holes!
i always walk when i play. had to walk when i was on my old highschool team and i will keep it up.
In the interest of time and due to over-crowding more and more ball golf courses are discouraging or outright forbidding golfers to walk. Using a cart saves time and time is money. Thus, disc golf is really better exercise.
If using a cart while playing golf--yes indeed, disc golf is better exercise.

but that logic doesn't click with purists (and former caddys) like myself who won't use golf carts...or play courses that discourage or forbid walking...
Purists are a rarity in ball golf. I've never seen anyone play a disc round with a motorized cart. I hear those courses that are set up on bg courses allow carts. So its not impossible, just very rare.
Seems to me an overlooked part of DG exercise is bending over to pick up thrown discs. It really adds up. I tell friends who don't play DG to drop a quarter on the sidewalk, then bend over, pick it up, and put it back in your pocket. Then repeat that about a hundred times, which is the approximate number of times I pick up a disc when playing three 18-hole rounds. (I think this alone helps trim up my waist each spring.)

But it's throwing that makes us hot, which I presume means it uses a lot of energy and employs almost all parts of our bodies. Then add walking, and we're talking a lot of exercise.

I don't really know whether DG is better exercise than BG, but both are good and a lot more than most people get.


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