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This is for English class.

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HEY! You haven't played the MN Majestic then and played highland hills SKI area. They show footage of the pros using the chairlifts. The AMS don't get the pampering. Up and down and again. That was a good workout.
Yea, dont really have that problem with my local courses...

I feel really bad for you btw. lol
Stay more intouch with nature. The Scenery is one of best things about DG. Ball golf courses can be really nice too but DG courses are more natural. Plus when walking through through the course instead of driving a cart one can take time to appreciate it more.
What's ball bolf?
Ratings for players and courses are more accurate than ball golf course ratings and handicaps.
How do you figure?
Because DG ratings for courses and handicaps have been based on real tournament data for 10 years and not artificial calculations that have never been tied to actual scoring for BG course ratings. http://www.pdga.com/faq/ratings/why-is-ssa-dynamic

BG handicaps are based on self reported scores where many people either report only their good rounds if they want a low handicap for bragging rights or only their worst rounds if they want a high handicap for bagging at handicap events. This is not my observation but info directly quoted from the USGA handicap committee that I talked with about their calculations.
yeah, and if a DGer doesn't want a round to lower his rating, sort of "reverse sandbagging", they just DNF.
You make reverse sandbagging sound like a bad thing. It keeps some players in a higher division than their "true" skill level, contributes rating points to the pool when they do complete a round and their DNF score doesn't impact the ratings calcs for the round they DNF'd.
Thanks Chuck :)
1. cost 2.It is a hand to object no club just you 3. loose women 4. the people I met playing disc are more like myself 5. no cart to fart around on so I take game more serioulsy 6. see number (3) 7. more body skill is involved you can't just buy the biggest driver and let it rip you gotta have the form to use it 8. I love it when people say dics golf whats that? for gods sake you know what golf is and you know what a disc is put it together! 9. never got invited to a bitchin bon fire on the ball golf course 10. Ball golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass I have neither
I am typing this up without looking at other responses..... This is right off the top of my head.....
1) No Green fee or reduced green fees
2) No dress code
3) Equipment costs less
4) No expensive course maintenance
5) Throwing a disc directly from your hand feels better than hitting a ball with a club
6) More tournaments are held and less cost to enter
7) Kids pick it up easier than ball golf, for that matter so does everyone else....
8) Offers a great solution for the an alternative use of unused and sometimes abused park space without an environmental impact
9) Less frustrating than ball golf
10) Typically there is no tee times and no long waits on the course.


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