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I went and played a round at Cass Benton the other day. Cass Benton is an awesome course with a great mix of open and wooded holes with many long drives. It is the course where I learned to play, and learned to love the sport of disc golf.
Over the past years I have slowly seen the decline of the course, the vandalism on the rise, and the garabage taking over.
The course is free to play so it attracts very large numbers of people to play there.
I went there to play for the first time this year, and it made me sad. Anywhere that you could possibly spray paint or tag with a marker it was deffinitly marked up. The signs for the tees used to be really nice now basically every single one has been drawn into the shape of a penis. I am sure that it is not really that funny. At least anyone that I have ever played with never thought it was.
The worst part is a Huge boulder (at least the size of a car) between the tees on hole 14 some spary painted smoke cronic on it in huge letters. I don't understand why anyone would want to destroy the park this way. The forest floor has no foliage on it what so ever anymore and it is just packed down dirst where the erosion is causeing all the trees to become uprooted and fall over. We need to protect our parks. I feel that this kind of behavior can cause this course to be taken away from us. Maybe the local club need to take some ownership for there course.
Playing at Cass Benton Made Me sad and angry.

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While i d agree about the vandalism and neglect, the packed down dirt is from large numbers of people day in day out, that's gonna happen on almost any course(especially free) over time. But yeah, your right, its a sad sight to see a great course decline.
I understand that all the plant life is dead and the dirt is packed down due to the large number of people that play this course. Maybe they should think about removing the course and letting the plantlife regrow for a few seasons.
Its sad to say but this is what disc golf has become, people who like to get high and drink beer and get a round in at their local course. I see threads where people talk about this all the time, people calling rules violations, people not calling rule violation, people making a big deal about it, whats the harm in it and so on and so on well this is the results of no one wanting to take a stand against this type of behavior. hey back in the day I use to like to get baked and pound a beer or two myself but there is a place a time for everything, people need to start taking ownership in themselves first and the course will take care of itself. Kids and adults alike don't see the effect their actions have on their local course and stand there srcatching their heads after the course is pulled

my 2cents
everybody has to be somewhere. close that course and those people will just spread to our other ones. it's hard to do much about someones background/parenting. i would like to see the fallen trees cut out of the way on the pathways. instead of having to climb over them.
I don't really think that those people will spread out to other courses because they are not serious enough about it to be willing to drive to another course and pay to play. They are just out there to party and drink and vandalize the course. Some of the groups I saw out there the people didn't even have any discs they were just hanging out and drinking beer.
If Wayne county came out there with a giant wood chipper they could just take all the trees that have fallen and toss them in the Chipper and spread them throughout the course. This would definitly help with the erosion problem.
It seems that the forest is really taking a beating there and it just seeems that it would be nice to let it regrow for a while to make the course better, even if it ment pulling the baskets for a while.
Maybe someone should convense the local popo ( police dept. ) to go over there daily and write a ticket or two and before long maybe the refraft will go find some place else to party
Pulling it might be a good idea. But I'm thinking of brown park, a few year project taking a lot longer to get put back in the ground. The city and economy is holding this project up.
I am just saying pulling the baskets to let it regrow. And putting the course back after a couple seasons.
Having some ticket written isn't a bad idea either. I once saw some people camping by hole 11 when I was out there for an early morning round. That is a bad look for the course.
The trees fallen and falling are a serious hazard, I have no idea why the city/state have not taken care of it yet.. Maybe someone getting hit by a fallen tree would do some good.
I loved this course and used to be a avid member of Cass Crew, Stryker tried to take care of the course and I'm sure still does, I watched him fill up putter after putter with cigerette butts while waiting for the Ipod carrying dip$h-- to hack their way thru the course dropping every can, bottle and bag on the ground as they went.
I seen the cops watch the "smoke" hole and walk up on kids before, but with the drive washed out I dont think they can get back their to do it.. I would love to see some under cover's in there just snagging 13 year olds with plastic bongs all day long. But they would just goto kensington (as I've stopped playing there for the same reasons).
As I write this "soap Box" comment I still cannot figure a good way to stop this.. Maybe as avid golfers we could try to assist to new kids and old alike on how to take care of the courses.. I konw that when my Pirate krew and I go out (24 chains) we pick up as much as we can, even taking trash bags with us to clean up after others. it's a dream that one day people will treat the parks as they should. especially when some of these courses that are being trashed are turning to pay to play. Nothing better then paying $50 a year to play in a trash enviroment.

(I shall step away from the box now)
There is no way they could pull the baskets out of that course. The base is Cement blocks buried in like 3 feet or more of dirt. They would have to cut the pin and then dig up the cement. I Agree the course needs some maintenance but so far no one has attempted to clean up the course other then occasionally dump the trash and mow the lawn. What needs to happen is a group of golfers needs to work on beautifying the course. Making the players notice that there are actual golfers that care. Because then others will follow. I would like to see a clean up tourney there. Were everyone plays with a trash bag, picking up trash and cleaning up the course.
Here in Chico we have problems with partying and vandalism too. IMO, these people are not serious golfers, but they do cause most of the "problems". Whatever happened to keeping ones habits "low-pro"? I would recomend getting the local police to patrol on occaision (or more often). I wish they would patrol our coure more. A $150 ticket for drinking usually gets a persons attention - and hopefully drives them away!

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