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I know a lot of you out there either love or hate this course.

I have always enjoyed it. I know some of you say the course has had better days, or that if the youth weren't so ridiculous it would be fine to play. I even know that some of you wont play there anymore. You all have your own reasons.

I will always play this course as long as I live as close as I do to it. However, I really wished you would leave your douche-baggery at home.

Two days ago I noticed that basket 5 has gotten a few links cut. Yes! A few links have been removed from the bottom of the chains . So you get 2 hanging chains that are not linked to the bottom ring.

Trash is always left on the course, This could easily be thrown away in the trash cans at every pad.

Am I right here guys? If not I want to hear you take on it.

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Remove the course and rebuild it later in life.. Or you could just leave it to the people that have overtaken it now.. they'll run it into the ground and the city will have no choice.
Cass Crew does a great job of trying to keep it up but they are WAY out numbered when it comes to the trash flinging casuals that could give a crap less about their park. JMO.
Ahhh Cass Benton... So many mixed feelings. Like the op said, its better days are behind it. What a great layout, challenging shots, really fun holes. But between the downed trees, (what like 3 or more years down... WTF?) complete chuckleheads on the course and man the trash and vandalism... not to mention i darn near pounded these two dudes who were throwing on a friend and i before we got 100' from the tee. 1 thing comes to mind... what a shame. If you could fix cass it would be a great thing, cuz it sure has problems ( i still love it tho )
Cass was such a great part of my visit a few years ago. I'm really sad to hear that it isn't being treated the way it should be, you locals need to take your course back from the riff-raff. It would be a terrible thing to lose such an amazing course do to people not respecting their surroundings.
of course you are right.

It's still a great layout but nothing like it once was which is a real shame. From my perspective as a player who occasionally goes there, the problem seems to be twofold: it's near a high school and not monitored by authorities so gangs of (often inebriated) teenagers roam it. Secondly, because it is so overcrowded, regular disc golfers tend to stay away from there after 3 PM so there is no one there to correct these kids' destructive behavior.
I think it's already 'lost'. If you 'got rid of' all the players, that's just less sales for the disc companies and shrinking of the potential serious player pool. The course is already destroyed imo. It would take a year of actual work to fix it up, left alone with grass seeds and sod to replace the seemingly half-mud fairways, hundreds of trees to clear, new ones need planted. Tee signs all need replaced or cleaned up. A new layout would be the only way to go.
I am disgusted every time I go there. It was such a beautiful park and course. Even during the first day of tee pad pouring, vandals had struck. I was watching the pads on the back side of the course(should not even have to do this), while vandals hit the front pads. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHGHHH. I hope Cass Crew can continue to grow to help the course.
why are there so many problems specific to CB? are all the other courses in the area pay-to-play? i know the ones we played for worlds in 99 were but don't know much more about what's around up there. i thought it was the best course we played in 99, toboggan included.
IMHO, the area is a breeding ground for children who do not appreciate things that are provided to them. I am not saying this includes all people from the area. I am originally from Northville, and know many from the area who know right from wrong.
Cass is real near to a high school, and its nestled right in the city. And no, it is not pay to play. For sure @ hudson p2p has cleared out alot of the "kid rockers" as they are called
2000 PAW

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