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I've been trying to get my girlfriend to throw straight and consistent.  She has problems grip locking and throwing the disc 90 degrees left, she has even thrown it behind herself.  I bought a couple of rattlers thinking that would help, but she has issues with that disc sometimes as well.


What is your opinion on using catch discs to help with form, technique, and the smooth fluidity of throw and how well do you think it'll transfer to throwing discs?  I've pretty much killed her bag of any drivers and all she has now is Rocs, Buzzzs, Comets, FLX Challengers, and Glides...and of course putters.


I was hoping to get some catch discs even if it doesn’t seem to help her.  I’ve seen sooooo many on the market and have no idea what to get, what are you favorite(s) and the most popular.  Also, any tips or differences with ultimate discs?


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I'm taking a disc golf class at my college taught by some local pros and the very first thing we actually did and still do at the start of every class is play catch. A 150 Aviar from about 30 feet is a good place to start. When she is able to hit your chest with just about every throw, back up ten feet and wait until she hits your chest a lot again. Back up ten more feet and start on "bending" the shots. Teach her hyzer and anhyzer shots as well as the elevator shot and throw them yourself until you are both really accurate. Back up again and repeat... When you are both out to 100' or so, switch to a 150 midrange and keep going.

When she is really comfortable with the throwing of these discs, you can introduce heavier discs as well as driving techniques. One of the things I learned from experience is that it is harder to learn if you start with heavier discs.
That was my thought in the beginning as it seems that it might counterproductive as it is not the same disc. I had a theory in my mind that throwing a catch disc would help her from a "pure throw" stand point and also on upshots as the throw seems to feel the same to me. Looking back on it now, the hand positioning and release angles might throw her off as she is too new for it to make a good difference. I still think that everybody should be able to throw and know how to throw a Rattler, that disc has done some amazing things for me. Thanks for all your input gents!
Try a Discraft sky-pro 125g. Smaller than an ultimate, feels more like a disc golf disc.
Grap some 150 class drivers and go to a field. Remember that smooth is far. Have her practice throwing backhands moving very slow until muscle memory takes over. After she is comfortable throwing slow, even, smooth shots then you can pick up the speed and strength she is throwing with. In practice it doesn't matter how far the disc is going, so don't assume this wont work if the discs aren't sailing. This takes time and dedication to the sport.
Team Super G warms up with a fastback.
The disc is small, light and understable so it teaches you how to put a little hyzer angle on it for it to fly straight...similar to broken in golf discs.
Best disc to throw into the wind and have it come back to you (MTA).
Flies like a dream for short or long shots.
Now Hero makes the fastback with Champion plastic so it lasts forever, it is the SuperHero!
They have a smaller version of it called the SuperSonic.
The Star Version is called a Superstar.
There is a DX version of this miniature fastback called a Sonic.
The Sonic or Supersonic fit inside the Superhero to set up for Double Catch.
The discs will split apart half way to the catcher allowing them to go for the double catch and eventually triple catch.

I use a 150 sonic, it works great for catch. playing catch is a great way to warm up.
Which of these discs are PGDA approved? Just curious as I might want to use them in tourneys if I like them outside the game.
All of them are PDGA approved.
Some of the players on Team Super G use a DX Sonic. It holds the curve you release it with...

I have used these since summer of 2009
I really really like the Sonic as discribed above...very straight and very easy to learn with..but buy a couple they tend to break along the rims in the DX
Your girlfriend's griplock problems notwithstanding, the Rattler is the best catch disc made.

For short range upshots without nasty winds, the Rattler is the best disc made.

These are only my opinions, of course.

Don't give up on the disc because of operator error.
That is the same thing that I thought, that is one reason I got the Rattler because it seems to bridge the gap. I just thought that a bigger disc might be easier for her. Maybe we just need to spend time in an open field (when the snow melts) and just throw the Rattler till our arms fall off.

I'm just looking for solutions because she tries so hard. We go to open fields all the time and throw and she gets frustrated because she doesn't feel that she is improving or improving fast enough for the time spent. I just want her to enjoy the game like myself and have her learn to throw flat and straight.

Currently I bought her comets, buzzzs, glides, challengers, rocs, aviars, etc and she'll belt a good one out now and then, but she seems to hyzer them out, turn them over bad, or grip lock like hell.

Any other tips to help her out who have gone through this sort of thing would be greatly appreciated. I'm all ears as myself and many of my friends have helped her. I just think that at some point you get enough knowledge and then just go do it till you figure it out. I don't if the method of learning is or will work for her.

I just want to grow the sport and get more women involved as there is a quite the lack of here in Alaska. Of course, because it is my girlfriend and I want us to have more than one thing to enjoy together.


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