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Ok here the question-if you lost a valuable disc like a CE Valkyrie, and someone found it and ACTUALLY called you back to return it, what do you think would be a fair reward for giving it back, considering its not just a run of the mill disc and they could've just kept it or traded it to someone for some sweet plastic?


Thanks in advance!

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If the person that returns it is a new player at the least another disc. If its sombody that has alot of plastic already probably like anywhere from 5-20 bucks.
I dunno man maybe I'm crazy but $5 seems kinda weak, at least for CE plastic-maybe its because I'm thinking of what I might pay to get another one to replace it (which still isn't neccessarily going to be exactly like old faithful) so maybe I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Am I retarded for thinking a decent reward should be in order or should I just act like everyone should just return you disc regardless of value, or that he could've called a buddy to trade/sell it to just as easily as as he called me.

What if you found it? Would you even honestly return it? Getting a normal run of the mill disc back is surprising to me, considering how many people would just totally disregard the number and stuff it in thier bag, but CE?

Honestly if you lost/left behind a CE disc, would you EVER expect to see it again? And if it was found by the 1 out of 50 guys that would actually return it, do you think he deserves a lil extra reward/compensation than 5 bucks? So whats fair?
You may want to ask him what disc he likes within reason.
Give/order him a new disc of his choosing and have it shipped to his house, obviously your extremly grateful for it. That dude did you a solid and solid need to be payed back with solids!
I would try to return it. I doubt anyone belives me but i would be devistated if i lost a disc like that.
good idea, might be the way to go....
that is really good there. I think I would do the same. You have to figure, to replace the disc (if possible) would cost more so it is worth it to hook them up with something (not outrageous).
I guess you should offer, but if he is returning discs...... no matter their value, he probably wont accept anything in return. He is doing it because it is the right thing to do, not to gain anything.
I always at least call if there is a phone number. I remember one time I found a disk that was out of state. Once I got in touch with the guy, he just said thanks for calling and go ahead and keep for the effort.
In this case, I would never have this issue. I specifically only use production run discs so that they are always replaceable.
I like the idea of giving him another disc as replacement is impossible and the value of the disc to you was great.
You'd think, wouldn't you? I know this fellow who goes diving in the lake by my course (off of hole #7) specifically to look for lost discs, and never once did he give me a call. I know he had to have found at least one, as I've thrown my fare share of plastic in the drink here. My name and phone number were written clearly on each disc. Still, no call. That is, until I started writing "REWARD IF FOUND" on my discs. I've since recieved two calls from this guy letting me know he found my disc, and that for $5, i can have it back.

So much for the right reasons...
I must be one of those 1 outta 50 guys then because it doesn't matter what kind of disc it is, I return it. I don't expect or ask for a reward either.

If someone return my CE Valk, I'd ask them what their favorite driver was, and give them a brand new one within reason of course. Now, if they said "oh my favorite driver is a CE Valk" I'd ask about their second favorite driver, lol. Or just ask them what I could give them as a reward. I think most people would be reasonable in their request.

Is it one of these runs ?

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