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I recently found a Champion Monster on my home course. No name, no number, and even the weight number was scratched off. When I put it on a scale it weighed out to 178.8 grams.. Odd, considering I thought this disc maxed out at 175g.

Am I allowed to play the disc even though it's overweight? I don't see why Innova would even manufacture a disc that's out of the weight range. It seems to be absolutely fine otherwise.

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Ya, I posted a discussion about this awhile back. I was finding discs to be way off. One was 5 frickin grams off! I guess technically you can't use it in a tourny since you know it's over the limit, but I'm sure you wouldn't be the first or the only one with an over the limit disc.
I think I might go back and weigh everything in my bag after finding this out..
Do you ship alot of stuff?
Nope, just occasionally have use for a nice digital scale that's accurate to the tenth of a gram.. But that's a whole other discussion! lol :)

The scale has always been spot on, I even calibrated it.
So I'm kinda divided on the issue of throwing this disc. It was already made for heavy wind conditions and I think that extra 4 grams may be an unfair advantage.

What I don't know, however, is if this is common for this this disc and just about everyone throwing it gets the same advantage.

Here I was all excited to find a disc that I've been wanting to try since it seems like it'd work very well for holes that require a nice sharp fade..
So I just checked the scale with a 200g weight to make sure it was spot on. It works.

My bag:
172 Star Aviars - one is 173.8g, the other is 172.6g
172 Glow Aviars - one is 169.6g, the other is 171.0g
170 XD - 170.6g
175 Classic Roc - 174.3g
170 KC Pro Roc - 170.2
170 Glow Roc - one is 168.7 one is 174.5
170 Star Leopard - one is 170.7, one is 171.9g
171 Star Leopard - 170.4g
170 Star Beast - one is 170.0g, one is 170.9g, one is 169.7g
175 Champion Wraith - one is 177.3g, one is 175.6g
175 Champ Monster - weighing in at 177.7g
170 Star Destroyer - 171.2g and one that's 171.0g

So as you can see some of these numbers vary wildly from what is printed on the bottom. It could be that people are using illegal discs fairly consistently and never realizing it.
I would go by the fact that the disc is approved,so it is ok to play with it.
Still, it's kinda disturbing to find my "170" glow roc weighing in at nearly 175 and that one of my "170" leopards actually outweighs my 171.
I'm more disturbed about why you have a digital scale that measures down to the gram. just kidding
This is why we have a scale at the Throw Shop. Weigh before you buy it. The relevance is indeterminable however, as most people have already been throwing unmeasured discs for years and don't really know what they are used to.
Do you find that the brand new discs tend to weigh close to what they are supposed to? Most of my discs have been thrown a few times or event spent some time lost in bushes. Maybe that's a factor?


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