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While the rules have been tweaked a couple of times since I began playing disc golf in 1995, two general things about the rules have remained the same. Enforcement of many of the rules depend on an often used phrase in the Rules of Disc Golf;
". . . if observed by two or more players of the group or an official."

First, the whole idea of enforcing a rule IF it is observed to have broken has been a sketchy proposal for my entire time playing. There are lots of reasons for fewer than two players or fewer than one official to observe a blatant rules violation. With the players it tends to be a matter of paying attention. With the officials, it is that there are rarely officials on a course. The players are socializing, too. Calling violations is risky, especially if the other players know each other but not you. Maybe they all have "Shultz Syndrome" (Hogans Heros).

The number one, top reason that something like "if" can make any sense (in the context already mentioned) is that there is no rule that requires all of the players within the group to observe the away player's shot. If there were such a rule, "if" could be "when" and nobody would have to feel badly about trying adhere to the same set of rules as everyone else.

I'm interested to see what folks think about that.

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I had this happen in my first tournament. I made a tough putt on a really tough hole, and a guy called a foot fault on me. He said that my toe touched my mini, but when I looked down, it wasn't. I didn't argue or complain, I went ahead and took his word for it (bogeid the hole instead of par on the second try). He then still felt the need to lecture me on the rules and how he was really helping me in the long run.
That wasn't the bad part. The bad part was that he refused to call or back any calls that were against someone that he obiviously knew socially. After being a patronizing jerk, he decided to be a hipocrite too.

A third member of the group pointed out that I didn't have to take his word for it that my foot touched the mini, that without the second, I could have kept my shot. What's a guy to do here? I honestly want to trust a fellow disc'r, but I also don't want to bend over and get the shaft.
That's a typical scenario. Also, that's one of the most common infractions, and least called.

If players were required to pay attention, it would be ridiculous for them to claim the didn't see something. It should be a warning.

Enforcement of the rules needs to be consistent. That can never happen as long as it depends on "if" anyone says they saw it.
So, what would be the penalty for not paying attention? And if players are paying attention to the thrower, who would observe any player who is not paying attention? Would there be a penalty for not noticing that someone was not paying attention?

Still, I support your idea to find some way to get all the rules enforced all the time.
Very funny response.

I don't know what the appropriate penalty would be. Probably a warning, followed by a stroke. Pretty much the same penalty would apply as would for any courtesy violation.

Deductive reasoning is all that is required to determine if someone was not paying attention. For example, when someone calls a violation of a current rule, and the rest of the group can't reach an agreement because somebody didn't see, it becomes apparent said player was not paying attention.

I play plenty of rounds in which the players in the group are all going to their own lies, without regard to the away player or what that player is doing. That has to stop.

I'm looking for answers, as well as questions, in bringing this up.
That all sounds about right. I can't believe it took me this long to come up with a possible solution.
Exchanging "When" for "If" will not increase players likelihood to either play by the rules or enforce them. From my experience, and I've had them regarding this rule, the player will get drunk and cry to the TD, or another in the group will be so "vibed" by someone watching and enforcing the rules, it will ruin his tournament, and he too complained to the TD regarding the unfairness of being observed for rule compliance and it's affect on his game. This is not supposition on my part, it happened, at an X/A-Tier event. This sport lacks the integrity of real golf, and will continue to be so until that "it's cool if you want to" attitude is replaced by professionalism. My take, players consider it a personal affront when called on a rule violation, or insinuate "he called it just to get into your head"; instead of graciously accepting the penalty, learn from the experience, and continue playing.
Know your rules, regulations, and when you deserve a "warning". What part of the country were you playing in? I have heard that some areas call every little thing and others hardly at all.
I think part of this is how much of a hurry everyone is in these days. They want to throw, split-up, and throw again. Just relax, people! Take time to enjoy the day. Watch others' throws. You might learn something.
Naturally, there will be situations, like the one you mention, when the title sponsor has a player who complains for being called by someone outside his group, and the TD feels compelled to satisfy the sponsor. But you and I both know that was one incident in 13 years. That's an anecdote, of an experience, but I think it's unfair to dismiss an attempt to address the problem based on a one-time-in-13-years incident. If we address the problem I originally identified, there would be no need for a TD to get involved. That is, if the game belongs to the players.
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