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Does anyone know how to clean discs? I was practicing at my high school with a new set of discs I ordered and it was windy out. I threw one too high with my new nuke and it took a nosedive. On to asphalt. Now it has that black streak on it and I was considering dying it. Does anyone know the best way to clean off the black marks?

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I use a variant product called Goof Off 2. Same as Goof Off but water based so won't chew up plastics.
Having clean about 5,000 discs, I recommend the following procedure:

1) Perform a cursory wash to rid mud, big chunks, and beer stains.

2) Get a bucket of hot water, add some liquid laundry detergent and some bleach. Use plastic gloves, or over time, the skin on your hands will disintegrate from contact with this solution. Get another bucket of hot water ready for rinsing.

3) If you have to clean multiple batches, be sure to batch up all of your disks into groups requiring similar soak times.

4) Fill the soap bucket with up to 10 discs per batch, upside-down in the bucket. stack the dirtiest discs on the bottom to the cleanest on top.

5) Depending on the strength of the bleach, soak ‘em between 2 minutes and 2 hours in the solution, using these guidelines:

a) If you want to keep the hot-stamp, do NOT soak for more than 2 minutes, after which they start to dissolve.
b) If you leave them soak for over 10 minutes, some hot-stamp will definitely be gone.
c) Leave enough time to get all the ones you want to save the hot-stamp for out of the solution.

6) Remove from the top down, so the cleanest ones stay in for the least amount of time, and the dirtiest, the longest.

7) Each disc removed gets SCRUBBED, using a plastic scruffy or equivalent:

a) If you want to keep the hot stamp, don’t scrub the top at all because the bleach will make it soft and it WILL come off.
b) Scrub all the dirty spots off and give the rest a scrub for good luck.
c) DX plastic and the like may need some extra work along the rim edge, but DO NOT TRY TO SAND DOWN any chips, bumps, or gouges.
d) Toss the scrubbed disc in the rinse bucket, upside-down

8) (Repeat for all discs)

9) (All discs are scrubbed and in the rinse bucket) If you have another batch, repeat steps 2 - 4 now.

10) Remove discs individually from the rinse bucket, towel them off and lay them out separately to dry.

11) After they have dried completely, get a dry towel and fold it up a few times. Take each disc that has rim damage, and rub each of the nicks out slowly against the dry towel. Four or five rubs are all it takes for DX plastic nicks to heat up and NATURALLY RESHAPE, a dozen or so for better plastics. DO NOT try to re-engineer the disc shape using this or any other method if you want to observe PDGA rules. Never use sandpaper or files to reshape a disc. If you have a deep gouge, the towel method works until a point, but you might have to bring in a cigarette lighter to heat-seal a really deep gouge, then smooth it out with a dry towel.

You will NOT BELIEVE how well this works, a bucket of junk discs turns into a valuable stack of brand-new looking discs, you wont recognize ‘em.

Dispose of the soapy water properly, like not into the storm drain.

How much detergent and bleach? About twice as much as you would for a sink full of dishes, but you learn how to use more or less bleach in the mix from experience… the more bleach in the mixture, the more it removes tar, paint, and hot-stamp. Bleach-free solutions are great for simple cleanups, but will still eat away at the hot-stamp after a while.

I never try to remove anyone’s name from a disc; I think it adds a cool history of ownership. It’s a small world, and I’ve seen many discs re-united with a previous owner. But that requires everyone to ALWAYS TRY TO CONTACT the owner of a found disc. Remember… KARMA!!! No name or marks on the disc? Finder’s keepers! If you feel the need to remove names and marks inked on discs, go ahead and breath all the toxic acetone you want, just keep it away from me and my cats.

what do you do with these discs
I have always cleaned my discs in two to three steps.

1. I use a rag and household kitchen cleaner, I prefer Clorox Green Works All-Purpose cleaner, to scrub off any
light mud or dirt.
2. I then use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to scrub out the really stubborn spots. (Note that the Magic Eraser will
remove a foil stamp if you scrub hard enough)
3. Repeat step #1


i clean my discs in the shower with me, i just get an old tooth brush and a bar of soap and go to town, it's worked every time
I just shower with mine :)

edit: just saw your post Greg,haha.
That is disturbing!!!
A soft sponge and comet cleanser.
free your mind brother :)
An old trick for tar is to spray it with WD-40, let set a minute and wipe it off. To clean my discs, I use a sink full of very warm water with a big squirt of dish soap and a scoop of Oxiclean and scrub with a plastic scrub pad.
Wow, they must be so clean you can see your reflection in them.
yeah, that may be a problem. Also, I doubt what I'm learning in chem. class will give me the ability to make acetone. Maybe in two years.

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