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Does picking up garbage on the course give you good karma?

At the Kensington League Doubles today (Milford, Michigan) my random draw partner, Norm, started picking up garbage as we played. He brought a big garbage bag and was filling it up as we started the round. There was plenty garbage to be had. I complimented his motivation and he told me that since he only rarely played the course he only had a few chances to pick up stuff and wanted to make a difference. Well, I got inspired and started picking up trash and stuffing it into his bag. Soon thereafter, our playing partners John and Bill got in the act as well. We filled up the bag and emptied it a couple times until the bag developed a hole. Then Norm pulled out a new bag. He brought it along because the weather report was calling for rain, wind and 40 degrees and he thought it would work well as a rain jacket.

I mentioned to Norm that it was a well documented fact that picking up garbage leads to good course karma. Then we threw in a couple long putts. One was about 100 feet away, in the schuul, lean out forehand, into the wind, downhill, with a drop-off past the basket.

We won by two. Happenstance? Or karma??

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When I was in Boy Scouts we were taught when we whent camping to allways leave an area beter than when we found it. I try and apply that and pick up trash where ever I go. However your partner took this to another level completely. You guys deserve a pat on the back.
Although I really wanted to make a funny/witty comment, I'll leave those to mark :)

What I do think this shows is not so much "karma", since I don't believe in Santa claus or the easter bunny anymore, but more the mental part of the game. you feel good because your doing a good thing and it carries thru to your game?

maybe.. , that's my story and I'm sticking to it !! haha.
I believe it's karma and people who care. I'm always picking trash up off our course. Some times left by others also from the squirrels pulling it out of the trash cans. I also notice if I'm picking up litter most times people around me just kind of start doing it themselves. It would be real cool if we as disc golfers have a worldwide course cleanup day. Golfers from all over the world pick up litter. Imagine the karma that would come from something like that.
Last week the world got together and shut off lights for a hour to save energy, I wonder how much litter the golf world can collect?
Doing good always benefits you in this life or the next...I'm not talking about karma, but I won't turn this into a religious debate. Who's to say your victory wasn't a reward? I'm glad to hear there are people out there that haven't given up on keeping this planet clean even though there are those who daily toss their fast food garbage out the window. I've been startled by the lack of consideration by mankind lately; frightened by the brazen unconcern.

It is frustrating to not be able to impart good morals into people who seem to only deface and destroy. But MAYBE, just maybe one or more of these individuals will see an army of folks carrying around garbage bags picking up THEIR trash and have it impact them. How good would it be to pick up something seconds after someone had littered it and instead of chiding them and telling them to pick up their f#$%ing garbage (which only fuels their defiance), you just picked it up with only a nod, or an unsarcastic, "I'll get that." I think that would go farther than cussing them out. I just think hope and a positive attitude that doesn't judge the offender as "one of them" will be more effective than our angry opposition. Who listens to someone who yells at them (even if they're right)?
not only is this good karma, the trees will jump in and give you some karma too with nice little re-directs to the bucket!
mothergoose said:
not only is this good karma, the trees will jump in and give you some karma too with nice little re-directs to the bucket!

I'm living proof of that....lol!
I've been used as an example a few times, and it's because I do what you guys do, without question. If I see trash I pick it up, plain and simple. I don't do it for the recognition.
What makes me happier is the fact that alot of the regular golfers do it now. Even if they aren't on my card, and they even help with the butts. Several have now started stubbing them out and carrying them to the next trashcan.
Our course stay pretty darn clean and I'm proud that I can do a little part to help it stay that way.
I don't know if that's kharma or not, but it does make you feel better that you can make a difference.

I had a non-disc golfer stop and say thank you last weekend, for picking it up so he didn't have too.
That wasn't the first time and now the neighbors look at us in a better light.
I always try and grab something I see that doesn't belong or grow there evry time I play. Before you know it, you are doing it more than once and the course gets cleaner. Other people will follow! Good karma
The beer cans on our course are cleaned up by the recyclers for the cash.
The trash cans do not have lids and the squirrels throw everything out around them and people think the Disc Golfers are PIGS who cannot get their trash in the can, but close.
The thing I like to clean off the course is natural trash-sticks, branches, rocks off the fairway and the paths we walk.
Most players do not realize how nice it is to walk on flat clean fairways instead of rocks, twigs, and branches you have to step over and walk around.
You can NEVER tell people how to clean the course.
You MUST "Lead by example".
Most of the young players see me throwing sticks and branches off to the sides of the course and later I see them doing it too!
If everybody gets into the habit of moving that thing you are stepping and tripping over off to the side, the Disc Golf course starts to look well groomed like a ball golf course.
This also discourages people from leaving trash, when the fairways are clean and well groomed!
I rarely have to throw sticks or branches off my course because Me and a select few do it EVERY TIME.
Sometimes I go out with a rake and a broom and walk the 18 holes.
I can sweep and rake to the left and then the right and It actually becomes a great workout for your disc golf game.
If everyone does a small bit, there is only a small bit left to do!
Answer: Karma
This thread is really encouraging. Thank you to everyone that works on keeping the courses clean! You've also given me some great ideas. I'll have my Glad bag in hand next round.
Whenever I am looking for a lost disc, I start picking up garbage and find my plastic nearly every time. Is it karma, or is my perspective different that close to the ground? It does not matter. I find my disc and clean up the course a small bit in the process. And if I don't find my disc, at least I spent 3 more minutes picking up trash than a lot of people.
Being a Baptist, I burn my Karma up on sunday afternoon, but its awesome what I see alot of people doing. We take rolls of garbage bags to the course and change out the always filled ones but our course is still a horror show. Maybe if more people, especially people who have garnered as much respect as Mr. Ellis, are seen paying it forward, our courses would look as good as some of the ball golf muni's.

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