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What's your favorite disc golf phrase?

One of mine is "Nice Up!" because of its ambiguity. You can really mean it, when someone saves a par using a superb second shot. Or, it can be sarcastic, when someone's putt behaves like an upshot, instead of going in.


"In Jail" to mean stuck inside so many tree branches there seems to be no way out.

"Everyone In Here Is Your Friend" -   :)


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for anyone who seems to be hitting a lot of trees my friends and I often say in a low goofy voice "(insert name) FRIEND OF TREES!" or if someone hits that one branch sticking out that shouldn't be hit we say something to the effect of "Its like yao ming" or shaq. Also whenever we hear someone grunt or make some noise during a drive we repeat the noise and say "Thats how you get the power. You make the noise." That though is mostly to make fun of other players on the course... kinda mean when I think about it.

One friend is notorious for not always getting his drive to turn over shouting "OH NO" and running off comically.

Another one being "sit sit sit SIT" or "CHAINS" if it looks like a shot that could make it.

My favorite is one that everyone does when they have an immediate groan after there throw because they could feel it go bad.
I like "Thank you Treesus!" and "Arboreal Golf" the best.... but i think i say "Crap. Yanked it" and "Nice up" the most often.
We call that one branch that stick out the ninja branch.
I enjoy meow-ing at people that i now have enough arm to get where they're going and don't get it there
"dead duck" when someone throws a high shaky throw.
"Nice Run"
"Get it" when someone makes a run at the basket with thier shot
"get legs" someone shot comes up short but slides to the basket
"settle" shot lands in the cirle and lays down.
"Shankapotomus" used for about any bad shot.
" if it wasn't for that tree... it would have gone in !!!!!" is what i hear alot of times. Usually coming out of my own mouth.
A timeless favorite
"Can your husband come out to play?"

Associated with High altitude shanks
"Serve a meal on that flight?"

Needs no explanation
"Nice up...Cindy Flopper"

Perfect for weak throws on short holes
"Wow....another throw like that and you'll be there"
"It was lookin' good 'til you let it go"

"You're still out"

"Goes the wrong way, goes a long way"

"F.I.N.I." (saying to myself on some putts where a solid miss could have some bad, very bad consequences)
You forgot about "welcome to Birdie Town!" and the Birdie Dance
Treenied or Treejected when somebody hits a tree...

"Bang some chains!" for any shot that looks like it might do just that...

but the most common one I hear begins w/ an "F" and ends in a "K"...
I am a big fan of Treejus. Often when "Thank You TREEjus" it is the first time others I am playing with have heard it. So then I go onto explain that we are in Treejus holy sanctuary (the DG cousres) where the trees, floral and fauna come together for our baptism into the church of the freesbitarians. Sometimes treejus giveth and and sometimes he taketh away...

I am by no mean religious but more spiritual and this seems to be the closest thing to religion I can invest time and energy into....
when someone yells " skip !" and skip in our group says "what!"

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