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I have come to realize... lo and behold.. that not everything you read is true?!?!

descriptions, and even reviews of discs of different shape and size,etc. are not going to be the same?!

case in point... I loved my first Buzzz. a clear crystal Z. it seemed to fly straight as an arrow, but the clear color made it hard to find, and one day .... I lost it :(

everything I read about Buzzz's was that they didn't need "breaking in" and flew right off the shelf..literally!!
( I kid.. I love me some Buzzz)

but I have noticed that my replacement Buzzz's , an elite Z and an ESP didn't fly the same, and are just now , after many many months starting to have the same characteristics that first Buzzz had.
was it the plastic? or mental? who knows..

any other discs that you have bought based on reviews and found to be quite different?

yeah.. I know.... many variables. but I think it's a good point when people ask about discs.
the exact same disc will throw differently for 2 different people? or even the same?

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I have a cryZtal z buzzz and love it. I think that the more stabillity could be due to the different plastic or that heavier discs are more stable than the same disc in a lighter wieght. I also know that they made some cryZtal buzzzes that were a 0 stabillity its possible that you had one of those because ive seen those in the clear cryZtal plastic.
could be. it's funny, but after 20+ years I never realized discraft had different ratings stamped on the same disc till a year or so ago.. go figure.
I do think there is some "misinformation" out there about discs though. maybe this was a bad example to use :)

and I'm probably wording all this wrong. english is my first language after all :)
The more that you become exposed to new/different discs you will find that the differences can be pretty extensive even within the same models. Different plastics and colors of the same molds will yield similar, but noticeable differences when thrown. The mold may be the same, but the disc is by no means the exact same disc, even if it is the same weight. It gets more interesting when you can compare older runs of discs of the same plastic to newer ones. The plastic (especially Innova) just keeps changing, but also remaining the same.

Next time you're @ the store, grab a bunch of discs of the same model and put them side by side. You'll notice differences in grip, friction, shape of flight plate ("domey" or "flat") etc.

It sounds silly, but discs are "evolving" and people find stuff from different eras that suits them well. I still here of people buying the original Innova Champion plastic for $50+, even when it's used.

I hope that makes sense, because the long version would take me hours to write :-)
Crystal buzzz, are usually of the SS variety, while Z are not..that is most likely why.
yea, case in point, they claim the groove is more understable than the boss, yet the groove has the nastiest meat hook of any disc i've ever thrown.
My groove is pretty understable. Throwing rhfh it goes left and has a hard time even thinking of coming back in the end.
I dont know discraft well,but this story appies to almost every Innova disc.
I know what you mean. I'm just of the mind (now) that every disc is going to be different even if it is the same model. I just look at it as a base for the way it should fly relative to other discs. At that point I just throw it and learn it. Nothing is the same other than the name.

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