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Although I carry a bag most of the time, there are times when I use a cart to carry a boombox, cooler, stool, umbrella, snacks, bug spray, etc, plus many of my older discs that I don't normally carry.

I have made a cart from a 3 wheel jogging stroller and also one from an old "Burley" bicycle baby trailer. They both work very well on most courses that aren't extremely hilly. The large wheels make pushing the cart effortless and the high ground clearance allows for going over fallen trees, stumps, etc.

Although both of these carts fold-up they still take a lot of room in the trunk of my car. I've seen many examples of modified ball golf carts and I may try to make one myself since the ball golf cart is smaller when folded and I could easily fit one than one in my trunk when I get together with friends who also have carts. The only issue I have with these is that they were specifically designed for ball golf bags, not disc golf bags, therefore inherent design flaws are present.

I've seen pictures of the "go cart" available at gottagogottathrow, but it doesn't appear to fold-up as small as a ball golf cart and it looks like it is nothing more than a handtruck with a seat.

Now that this disc golf sport is becoming much more popular, I am surprised that there are not manufacturers such as "bagboy", clickgear", "ogio" jumping into the market.

I am thinking of contacting some of these companies to suggest ideas.

My question for discussion is: Do you think there would be a market out there for a nice affordable all terrain compact cart that would carry your bag, small cooler, umbrella, music box, and other stuff?

It wasn't that long ago that disc golf bags became available. Prior to that, we all used a backpack or something similar.

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my cart
if you are over 40yrs,you've earned it
The 'silver tsunami" gang{baby boomers}will be retiring  the next 19 years,be on the lookout for many carts on the dg courses;>}
Well dave, you kinda touched on the problem when you used the word affordable.
Dg'ers are known for their love of diy and their habits of being cheap. If one wanted to shell out, there's a guy that makes custom pull carts with woodgrain finish and all types of compartments.
I would consider dg part of the outdoor market, meaning we are rough and demanding of our gear-if you look at other outdoor equipment you'll notice how pricey it is. For a company to make a cart, its either gonna be expensive or chinsey. The three whell stroller I've customized works great and is one of the better carts I've seen-BUT I wouldn't shell out a couple hundred for it (I got it for free).
Yea I spend enough on Discs and a bag.  It doesn't bother me that much to carry it and I would rather spend the money on tourneys and discs then on a cart.  Ryan has it right about with the DIY.  I built a basket because I didn't want to shell out the money for one and if I ever decide that I need a cart i would probably just build one.
its a energy saver,imagine not having to pickup and lug a bag,whether it for one round or three rounds.

Bag Boy is aware of the need and the conversions being done in home garages to accommodate the disc golfer. Bag Boy is also the company behind Baby Jogger, the running stroller that I converted. With the Fade gear straps and rain flap, it is an exceptional addition to any game but especially beneficial in bad weather.

I have had conversations with Baby Jogger, so I wouldn't be surprised that we may see an offering in the near future. Baby Jogger informed me that their strollers are purchased in a stripped down version by many and for many different applications, one being a platform for a x-ray device that scans the ground beneath. The cart allows for ease of tracking and movement over any area.

If I was going to go with a cart I think I would do something like this.  Pick up one of these jogging/ all terrain strollers and convert it for cheap.  if you don't mind me asking how much did this project cost you?

Ryan, I hear you. I love to customize my own and I love a good bargain. I like my 3 wheel jogging stroller that I bought used (goodwill store) for $15 bucks. I also like looking at all the other customized carts that I see from time to time out on the course. My jogging stroller (when folded) still takes up a lot of room in the car trunk, making going to distant courses with friends difficult by having to drive separately.

Bag Boy makes a ball golf cart (M300) and it's priced at $30 bucks new. I would like to see them modify it so it was designed more for attaching a disc golf bag rather than a ball golf bag.

Very nice cart! I also have a converted jogging stroller. I love it on the course and it works extremely well. I still have an issue with the size of these things (when folded). There is no way that 3 of them would fit into my car trunk when I travel with friends to distant courses.

I like the idea of a 2 wheel ball golf cart which folds very compact, I just wish it was designed specifically to hold a disc golf bag rather than a ball golf bag. It would be a very simple design modification at the manufacturing stage and the price would be reasonable.

I like it a lot. Thanks for the photo.
the baby jogger (above) has removable wheels that allow for a much smaller package if space is a concern. With the wheels on, I can easily haul 2 in my station wagon, by removing the wheels I could probably fit three in. The cost of the project was $40.00 for a used stroller and the rest of the stuff I had as normal playing gear. From start to finish I had 10 minutes in converting it from a child's stroller to one of the best disc golf cart out there. There were a few issues that I went back and revamped with slight adjustments, still spending little time and no more money. again, having this thing, if for no reason other than rain days, is a must in my book of disc golf rules

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