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When you're in the woods and needing to aim...


How do you aim?


Do you just look and throw?

Point certain body parts at certain things or the basket?


second part:


Can you throw a beeline for the basket on this hole with a forehand?

How do you take the right and left out of the disc and throw it on a rope up the middle?

Where's the stress point or main muscle that you concentrate on?


This hole is 270 ft. 


(Cottage Grove, OR)




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Id say a stable mid like a BUZZZ just released smooth and solid should do the trick. Aim at the golfer down there or at the tree to his left (the tree right of the circle).
All i know is i really wanna play this hole now..lol
My approach would be forehanding it with enough anhyzer that it would curve around the tree and flatten out once its around it. This shot is also easier to achieve with less power as the s-curve will be more exaggerated and curve better.
Speaking for the lefites that live in my body: I am thinking a light hyzer around the left hand side of the first tree.

The other is to go as straight as possiable, I would aim to the left a little and throw a Buzzz and take a solid three.

Reality: I would hit the first tree and take a 6.
I pick a spot somewhere between a third and half the way to the hole to aim at. I then do a one or two phantom throws from run up to release to make sure that I have my line. I would use a semi beat Z Buzzz or my X Comet to lace the drive. I like the idea that Mark has for throwing from different spots.

Sometimes I'll just walk out in the woods randomly and try to find some semblance of a fairway and just throw it with my straight discs just for practice.
Until Alum Creek opened recently(players course,in am worlds coming up)most of my throwing experience was on wide open holes,and I learned quickly throwing tight wooded holes is a whole different animal.Mark Ellis hit the nail on the head,instead of practiceing on one hole,I just kept playing Alum Creek again and again.Now I use my minds eye and not worry about distance but only power up to what Im comfortable with,same goes for forhand also,for me at least.
Id throw and Orc or a flash.... Pretty hard and it will go straight and hyzer out a little.
Too much disc for that hole I think. You'd have to throw that disc harder than necessary to get those discs to fly that way unless really beat. Otherwise, I think you'd lose accuracy to gain power. I wouldn't see an issue with throwing your favorite stable/understable mid on that hole, it is only 270.
I'd probably throw a heavy star roadrunner forehand with a bit of hyzer, let it flip left right about where that tree is in the red circle and then fade back to the right just a bit.
Reality: disc flips left slams said tree.
1 - Keep your eyes on the line you want the disc to go.
2 - Pull along the line you want your disc to travel
3 - Always plan for that disc's propensity to fade/flip (duh)
4 - NEVER throw full power on control shots. Disc up and throw lighter to retain control.
From a back handers point of view. 1: As I stated earlier. I pick a closer "target" to line up on. Be it a leaf twing etc... This "target is approx 5 to 20 feet away, but still on the line I'm hopeing to hit. 2: I face the target and set the disc in my hand, orienting it to my desired angle (flat, hyzer or anhyzer). 3: Start my x-step and the pull through. At this point I use my shoulder as an aiming point (I want my shoulder to be lined up with my intended line). Not that I have much hip rotation, but I do try to limit it when I'm throwing for accuracy. So much so, It seems like my arm is fully extended along my intended target line (to the point of the snap), before I finsh my hip rotation/follow through. Now I just wait for the sound of my disc smacking off of a few trees. Ahhhh..priceless ;) As far as my focus or "concentration" I really try to stay smooth and make sure my pull through is nice and straight across my chest and past.
Also stated earlier in the post. The discs I use when I play those awesome course up your way. Tend to run on the stable to understable side. Driver's: Valkyrie, Sidewinder, and Vision. Fairway: Teebird, TL, and a Leopard, but the Vision and Leopard get the majority of the work.
Having said all that. This is what works for me. Every body is built differnt and everyone has there own internal metronome. Finding the right combo for you is what will make your game improve.
Good luck!
The choice forehand (right handed) seems obvious to me here - flex shot. Throw an anhyzer that bends to the left around the tree that's in the red circle and let it flex out back to the right to the pin. Throwing a beeline at this one seems to be a line that doesn't allow for much error.

This actually looks like a hole that would be easier for a proficient forehander than a proficient backhander (both righty throws).

Since I can't resist, I'd throw backhand with my stratus to the right of the tree in the red circle on a 15% hyzer angle and let it wend around that tree and flip to flat or finish slightly right. Just a softer version of the throw I recommended forehand. I too now have a strong desire to play this hole. I think we should all meet on a certain date and throw the lines we recommended.


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