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I want to hear some good stories about encounters with animals out on the disc golf course. What are some crazy things that have happened to you? What kind of animals have you seen out on the course and what were they doing? Once, me and a buddy saw a dog chasing a red-tailed hawk for about 300 feet. The hawk was flying 5 feet off of the ground and we thought the dog was going to get it but it eventually just flew up. It was pretty sweet. Let's hear some more!?!?

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We have a hawk that resides at our heavily wooded course. Durring the Atlanta Open '07 the hawk chased our drives over a 200' valley. The hawk dove into and after our drives! I thought he was hungry? Speaking of hungry, on a different trip to the same course that very same hawk swooped down from a higher tree on the very next hole and snatched a baby squirrel up of the ground. He landed directly infront of us on a limb showing off his catch! Meanwhile, the baby squirrel grasped in the hawks sharp talons wiggled to get free but that was not to be the case! The circle of life!
i fractured my ankle last winter at the end of the day, on the course far from my van. alone,no phone. it was very hard not to pass out as the sun was setting. the thing that kept me going was knowing that i had to get my dog back.
Bear Creek Grapevine TX Hole 8...... Nailed a squirrel about 15 feet in front of me off the tee box...Thought he was paralized because he just layed there for about 10 minutes. Then he jumped up ran off and up a tree.. Was the funniest thing in disc golf I have ever seen.. It happened a year or so ago and I have several witnesses... We still laugh about it..
lol, bear creek is my favorite course, unfortunately, the only "wildlife" i've seen is the poision ivy i keep catching every time i go.
I often travel on business and take time out of my busy to play courses in or around the area. Most courses are without maps or way finding signs so I always prefer to pair up with locals who can educate me on the course and desired routes.
This particular day at McClain Park in San Antonio TX there were no other players so I went out alone. By following the worn path I was able to get through the first 3 holes without incident. Following what I thought to be the path to the next hole, I am walking into an opening which appears to be one of the fairways I had just played. As I come walking out from the underbrush, I am looking out and not down and realized there is a “branch” laying across the path that I need to step over…. I make the final determination that I made the wrong turn and head back from which I came. Looking down this time I realize the branch I stepped over was a 5 – 6’ snake. I took a moment to collect myself, got out my camera and snapped a picture of the beast for identification purposes… The rest of my round I thought more and more of that snake, not knowing if it was poisonous or not and if there were others… I lost one disc in the deep woods because I didn’t want to search too long before I found another snake.
Back at the office I showed the picture to the local outdoorsman who quickly identified the snake as a Water moccasin. Not really poisonous but very toxic…

I wish I still had the photo...
We play a lot of golf down here on BLM land so there is always cool stuff we run into. Recently we have been watching this awesome immature bald eagle (HUGE - almost black with some white under the wings). He has been chasing around all the red tails. At another course as I was pulling out of the woods a beautiful full colored fox stopped 10 ft in front of my vehicle and just stared at us for a good 5 seconds or so before scurring off. Finally, we keep seeing huge Bear piles right near one of our tee boxes. I hope I don't run to close to him/her/cubs.
Joe Davis State Park in Lewiston, NY. Between rounds during the Labor Day Luau 1997 or 8 I think. Someone threw a cigarette butt out on the grass, and a seagull walked over, picked up still lit and walked away with it in it's mouth. Must have been really jonesing. Funniest thing I ever saw.
I'm surprised to not see more "snake under my disc" stories here.
I've found a snake under my disc a few times lately for some reason.


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