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I want to hear some good stories about encounters with animals out on the disc golf course. What are some crazy things that have happened to you? What kind of animals have you seen out on the course and what were they doing? Once, me and a buddy saw a dog chasing a red-tailed hawk for about 300 feet. The hawk was flying 5 feet off of the ground and we thought the dog was going to get it but it eventually just flew up. It was pretty sweet. Let's hear some more!?!?

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Once at Brewer Park on hole 4 (Blue) we were both standing at our lies getting ready to putt and were standing less than 30 feet from each other and a whitetail doe walked through the woods right between us as we both just froze.....pretty cool.
That's Awesome!!!

Rock Out With My Roc Out said:
Once at Brewer Park on hole 4 (Blue) we were both standing at our lies getting ready to putt and were standing less than 30 feet from each other and a whitetail doe walked through the woods right between us as we both just froze.....pretty cool.
Once when I was playing a course in Columbus, OH (can't remember which course) there was a horse (of all things) on one of the fairways. It was about 250-300 feet off the tee so I figure I'm safe to throw...nope...hit it right in the butt. It was pretty funny...it just kinda jumped, looked around, then went back to grazing.

In Hawaii there are few native creatures. And many imported ones. Among those are the Cane Toad the Rat and the pig. But one of the blunders of man was to bring the Mongoose to Hawaii to eat the rats. But the idiot who though up the idea didn't bother to research much. The rat is nocturnal and the mongoose is not. So we have rats the size of your foot and 25 million mongoose too. So we were playing in Mackenzie couple years ago and I threw my drive on hole two and it was a great shot. As it approached the pin it was going to land within ten feet of the pin and as it dropped into the ferns it popped back up and with it a mongoose who sprung about three foot straight up and let out a loud screech. I still birdied the hole.
I had one of my drives land under a pine tree and while I was trying to putt, I had two birds trying to attack me. Three of my friends had to distract the birds while I tried to putt. They were literally getting within inches of our heads.lol..No injuries No worries
Today I pegged a black bird 5 feet in front of the tee pad. Threw the disc, bird flew down and bamn got it. Scared the hell out of me at first then realized what happened, then it was just plain funny.
last weekend we were playing lincoln park in massillon ohio and on hole 7, after we all drove we were walking up the fairway when someone noticed a huge hawk sitting on a tree limb about 20 feet up off the ground, it was chowing on a black squirrel ! we all walked up to within about 30 feet of the tree and were taking pictures of it with our cameras on our phones, it stayed there for a minute then decided it had had enough of us and took flight still clutching its lunch, as its flying away my one buddy blurts out " look a flying squirrel !! " LOL we all got a good laugh out of that one.
saw a red hawk chillen with a split open squirrel in his talons sitten on a low branch almost head high walken underneith and over my sholder, I could have easily reached over and pulled on some hanging guts , thats how close it was.
I've had so many cool animal experiences in the last 10 years here, at Stimpi Ridge. My first was on the old course, hole 13. My son, friend Greg, and I were approaching the green when a moose got up out of the rough where he was napping, and calmly walked away. Another time, playing solo with my dog, I walked out into the open tee, from the wooded path from hole 6, and a giant bull moose, and his mate, were standing 50 ft. away from me down the 7th fairway, just checking us out. I distracted Sparkie easily by waving my disc back and forth. He never even noticed them. I took a long look and then decided the prudent thing to do would be to head back the way we came.
Two bird stories strike me as well. One was a redtailed hawk, who landed on the third disc that, coincidentally, hit the same tree and dropped. He sat on the disc long enough for us to walk up to him. He looked quizzically at the disc, looked up at us, and took off, leaving 3 little claw marks on the disc.
But the coolest, visually, was a beautiful helix I had just thrown with a Champion Valkyrie, down the wide #9 fairway, when a Perrigrine Falcon swooped down and hovered just above the soaring Valk,almost riding it, for about 40-50 feet and then just tailing off and allowing it to hyzer out. That was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
One Spring, when Downriver Disc Golf Course was in it's infancy, there were two puffy white Great Horned Owl chicks, high in one old growth pine in the 15th fairway, which always showed great interest in every thing we did on the ground so far below, and often an adult owl (mother?) could be seen sitting in another tall tree nearby. They were around for a few weeks and were gone.
On more than one occasion I have had a squirrel attack my disc when it landed near them.
The first time I played Hudson Mills my drive went into a heavily wooded area off of hole 1. While retrieving the disc I saw what I thought was another disc, it was kind of red with white spots. As I got closer what I thought was a disc was actually a baby fawn. So I quickly grabbed my camera, since I usually have it with me and clicked a couple photos as the fawn slowly opened its eyes to look at me. Then I thought about where its' Mother was and did not want any confrontation, so I quickly tip toed out. Very amazing!

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