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I want to hear some good stories about encounters with animals out on the disc golf course. What are some crazy things that have happened to you? What kind of animals have you seen out on the course and what were they doing? Once, me and a buddy saw a dog chasing a red-tailed hawk for about 300 feet. The hawk was flying 5 feet off of the ground and we thought the dog was going to get it but it eventually just flew up. It was pretty sweet. Let's hear some more!?!?

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hey now,I've encountered Florida wild life of blacksnake and rattler catching the warm rays on the fairways,gopher tortoise digging it's burrow-very loud grunting noise along with the digging process.Hawks swooping down to catch squirrels and also to hit your disc while in air route,getting caught up in some horrendous spider webs in the palmetto bushes,bitten by those damn red ants we have in Florida-those are painfull,armadillos rooting for food and wondering what the hell is coming at you through the woods/brush-very noisey.
Squirrel story; launching the disc off tee pad towards the basket to have it skip and startle a squirrel looking for buried nuts.As you walk towards your disc you encounter this pissed off squirrel charging you,chattering away while still charging.Defend youself with throwing another disc at the squirrel while looking for stage left/right exit.
Welcome to Sunny Florida..."I hate spiders and snakes,and if that's what it takes to..." Peace.Port Charlotte's North Charlotte Regional Park,SW FL, "The Preserve" dg course
Depending on which member of the Red Line Crew you talk to will depend on weather it was funny or not but here goes. Last year Jason, Andrew and I were playing at a heavily wooded course in northern Michigan when Andrew was faced with a long putt for par from behind a very large oak tree. The oak tree had apparently been struck by lightning and split down the middle making it even harder for Andrew to putt, long story short he steps up to the tree and ends up spread all out for a straddle putt, and while he was lining up his shot a badger came shooting out of the crack in the tree chasing him half way back to the previous hole. Needless to say after we all regained our composer (Jason and I picked our selves up off the ground from laughing) Andrew missed his putt, and every since that day every time were in the woods and Andrew is getting ready to throw my brother Jason yells watch out badger! Its been a year and it still never looses its effect, try to imagine a 6' 2" 250lbs man screaming like a school girl running through the woods being chased by a 20lbs badger, I don't think I'll ever get tired of retelling this story every time some one ask me why we call him badger!
Two years ago I was playing the Full Throttle Tournament at Solitude Mountain Resort and just as I was getting ready to tee off on the last hole, a Moose made his way across the fairway behind us (man those things look like walking houses when there is no fence between them and you!). Definitely one of the coolest animal sightings for me.
I walked through a trail from hole 3 to hole 4 at Chippewa Banks in Midland. I looked left directly into the eyes of a baby crow sitting on a branch at my eye level, 2 " from my face. He was obviously fresh out of the nest, all fluffed up and wobbly, waiting for his wings to be strong enough to fly away.
about three years ago a group of about 10 of us were playing at highland springs disc golf course in northern cali. when my german shorthair saw a deer run into the woods so he chased it, about fifteen seconds later the deer was chasing him back out onto the golf course, they stopped and then he chased her back into the woods, then again she chased him out again. This happened about four or five times, we figured the deer had a fawn nearby and was not about to let my dog near it. The funniest thing you ever saw. We still talk about today.

Saw this at Willow Run while playing a round with the 24 chains gang. He would have made a great dinner.
We have tons of deer out on our course in the evening hours they love to come out and graze on the fairways in the woods. One night when we were finishing a round my friend launched a nice low line drive and a deer came sprinting across the fairway, the disc hit it square in the side. The deer wasn't even phazed and kept on going we just laughed our asses off, my friend was so pissed because it was a beautiful drive that may have parked the basket but it ended up about 200' short.

Another time at our course, I was looking for an errant drive I threw into the woods. There is some thick underbrush and ferns that pop up in mid summer obstructing your view of the ground. As I was moving the ferns around to find my disc I saw somthing small run past my feet, then about 20sec. later I hear somthing hissing. As I move some ferns out of the way all I saw was a furry face and some teethy fangs hissing at me. Of course I turn and start running out of the woods with this thing chasing me, as I break thru the wood line back into the fairway my buddies are laughing and ask "What the hell are you doing?" So I told them and they asked what kind of animal it was, I said "It was big furry, had fangs, and a baby" They just laughed and asked if it was a rabbid squirrel or chipmunk. To this day we warn people that are in that area of the rabbid squirrel that defends it. And yes, I did go back in and got my disc back, but my friends wouldn't go help me find it.

Last story. We were playing at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, lots of Canadian Geese there. On hole 17 I throw a roller and it went a little wide to the left, jumped a goose that was sleeping, basically looked like a sky roller and anhyzered more to the right landed and then circled the basket for a duce. It was sweet, although the goose was rudely awakened and was looking around as it had no idea what just happened.
There is a bird that swoops down and pops you on the head sometimes at Dolese Park in Oklahoma City. One guy got his hat taken to the top of a tree. He kept trying to knock it out and the bird kept swooping on him.

I think the coolest animal story is when people don't bring dumbass dogs to the course. Nothing worse than a dog that gets in your way while shooting, chases discs, or leaves a big crap on the course. If your dog isn't trained, leave it at home.
My first Advanced tourney,first hole,first throw on Key West navel base(was temp. course) I threw a 2 finger roller,the throw flew and landed fine, about 250 ft. down the fairway a dog busted out from the crowd allong the street. it chased down my roller grabbed it and ran off never to be seen again.Circle four! Welcome to tournament play!
Love this topic!!! I have seen deer, snakes, foxes, bees(@!*#!%&!), red-tailed hawks, trout and others. Was hoping to see an alligator at Cliff Stephens the two times I've played there, but it wasn't meant to be.

But the best DG animal story so far has to be about the time my friend and I were putting at our local course around dark. We were practicing on two baskets that were 100 or so feet apart. After picking up my putter near one basket, I walked towards the middle of the two and heard a squishing sound under my foot. I didn't think much of it. A minute or two later, same squishing sound. This time I definitely noticed and said to my buddy "I have to see what that is". Grabbed a flashlight and shined it on the ground. There, flat on its back, was a bat. Eyes wide open, mouth revealing its fangs. One of us must have knocked it out of the air with a putt. I had stepped on it twice!!! The noise I heard was it hissing at me~! Even better, as I went back to look at it again 30 seconds later, it was gone!!!
great stuff everyone!
Last summer we were playing Fort Custer and there was a hawk perched on the 3rd basket. I tried to get a pic but by the time I got my camera out of my bag he'd taken off. Would have been a really cool pic. Same day we were on the back 9 just finishing up and there were five or six deer grazing on the fairway. The best story was at Begg Park. For those of you unfamiliar with Begg, it sits right next to an apartment complex. There is a children's playground near the first tee and a ped. walkway around part of the park. My girlfriend was on her second shot on 17, you have to shoot over the ped. walkway, when someone's black lab came out of no where and snatched her disc midair. It was hilarious and the lab just mangled her disc before the owner could get the dog to drop it.


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