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As I was leaving Coldbrook after a miserable, cold round, an animal jumped out from the schule on the side of the road and in front my car.  My life flashed before my eyes, and I though "Not again!", then as everything went into slow motion, I thought I was about to hit Bambi.   But then I realized this was definitely not a deer- it was way to fast to be a small fawn (not to mention it did not look like a deer), way to big to be a cat, and way to scary looking to be a dog.  I then looked up pictures of cougars (No, not of Courtney Cox) and realized there is no way I could have been mistaken.  There have been numerous cougar sightings in SW MI, but the DNR continues to assure people that there are no cougars here.  So, golfers beware- this was less then a mile from the park gates! 

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I've seen at least one in Lenawee County multiple times. So I believe you.
Don't you always carry that stuff in your bag?
Oh, and it only needed one giant leap to cross over the entire road.
That's a cougar alright!
Very cool.
I was hoping to read a story about a Cindy Margolis sighting.
I hope I hit it with a disc.
They can range over 200 miles so not much is out of the area for them. They seem to like to travel along the wooded creek areas that provide cover for them, keeping sightings down.It is not uncommon for them to pass through areas of oklahoma and our wildlife dept kept saying there are not any. My boss has seen one in northern oklahoma almost in kansas. We have had reports of them even in the city limits along the creeks. A couple of months ago a guy got a picture of one in SE oklahoma, nice big fat pregnant female...
Fine than my buddies photos are fake even tho I was there when he took them of the cat 50 feet from his deer blind eating the deer he had just shot?
There in iowa and the DNR let's them go to keep deer population down, although they don't admit it. So I would think there probably in any states mentioned. And its a fact in Ia a red neck shot one down outta a tree to prove it to all the none believers
the world is flat too.
I hate to tell you but YOU ARE WRONG!!!

When I was living in Kalamazoo and driving for Servicemaster around SE MI back in 2006 and 07 I seen 2 cougars while driving one at night and one during the day. Just because the DNR says they are not there doesn't mean that they know for sure.

You must understand population dynamics before you can even begin to think about commenting on a subject like this. Anyone who just blindly takes the word of the government on these matters is a fool.

A fox is far too small to be mistaken as a cougar, a coyote could be about the right size but have a bushy tail and a lot of fur on the face that makes them stand apart from cougars. Not to mention they move differently. Furthermore, when comparing tracks a coyote will leave nail prints in it's tracks whereas a cougar will not as their nails retract when walking or running.

If you have small dogs or children that you bring to courses where cougars have been sighted it would be wise to keep them close and a can of bear mace isn't a bad idea. Otherwise cougars are not known for randomly attacking adult humans or large groups of people. Like most predators they will prey on what they think will be the easiest prey, the small and the wounded so discs golfers shouldn't need to be too concerned.


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