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So regular league doubles today up at Cottonwood. Got all of the groups out on the course and playing. We were behind a group that wasn't playing so fast. I had tried to get our group to jump ahead of them earlier when we started but we decided to stay behind them. We get to hole 4 and we look over and the group is on the other side of some bushes and on the path. At first we just thought they might be taking a smoke break but we quickly realized that there was a guy on his back laying next to them on the path. His bike was next to him and his helmet was off. He didn't look so well, kind of a mix of blue and red (kind of purplish). They said that they came up on him and he was face down and not breathing. They got him turned over, removed his helmet which was kind of strangling him because it had slipped back and was around his neck. He was breathing. They called for the paramedics and they came a few minutes later (it seemed like they took a long time to get there). He started coughing up chunks of dirt and spit and someone asked him his name and he said it. We turned his head just to wash some dirt off of his lips and then the paramedics showed up and took him away. Someone said that he might have been diabetic.


Anyway, a crazy day at the course and I hope that the guy was OK. At least he was alive. 

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Wow, that is crazy.  I hope that guy is ok.  That would scare the crap out of me if I were there.

Dang. If he was Diabetic, it was a good thing y'all found him. Glad it turned out as Okay as it could... :)

My first thought was that someone had taken him out with a disc but I soon found out that was not the case. Those guys explained that they had just heard him moaning while teeing off. Nobody saw what happened but one of those guys might have just saved his life. Who says that disc golfers aren't great people?


It really was weird and made me think about this random stranger. How old was he, did he have any idea what happened, did he have health insurance? It was just good to know that he got help in time.


We were also able to play through the group in front of us which was a good thing because they were very slow. We finished some four holes ahead of them.


I wonder if I will see this guy again riding on his bicycle... 

This happens all the time. Just step  over the person and try to not let it mess up a good round.


Na just kidding. Great job saviing this dudes life.

Stuff like that tends to trip people out, but it sounds like you kept your cool. However, a couple things. Unless your trained on how to remove a helmet. I'd just loosen or unclip the strap. If he had a neck injury it could have been made worse. Face down is accually a good thing if they are "out of it". It keeps the airway clear, but airway trumps c-spine (neck). So if your worried about his airway, take care of it. Still, being untrained you guys kept your cool and hepled somebody. Doesn't it feel cool :) The other thing is, if you called 911 via a cell phone. God only knows what dispatch office it went to? Here in CA it goes to the CHP dispatch, then they figure out were you are and then call that areas 911 dispatch. Several minutes can be lost when you use a cell phone to call 911. So if you can you should always use a hard line/land line to call 911. I've also been to many a park for calls and most of the time it takes a while to figure out were the person is. Just depends on the RP and the info they gave to dispatch. Third tree next to the rock or the 4th teepad doesn't help sometimes:)

 As a teacher/instructor....You should all take a CPR class!!!!!!!!!With HANDS ONLY CPR (no more mouth to mouth in the majority of cases). You can really save a life!!

The vast majority of the people we were able to save over the decades. All had early CPR being done before we showed up. Plus it might be somebody you know and love that you save....think about it

Good job Jim and Peace!

I have been that guy down on the course more than once unfortunately. I have had three heart attacks and all of them while playing disc golf. One was in the middle of an Ace Race a few years back. I remember it was the year the Impact was the disc and I refused to ever throw that disc again. Gave both of mine away after that.

I agree with "Rescue" and highly recommend to other players if possible to take a BLS/CPR class, you may just save yourself or a loved one...I did. I teach AHA CPR/BLS and I believe DG'ers would greatly benefit from this since some courses are so remote. 911 dispatchers should be able to guide you through most procedures if required and instruct you on the "hands only" technique. To eliminate some of the fear of giving "mouth to mouth" they have one way valves that you can place over the mouth so you don't have to worry about your own safety. Cprbarrier.com( or search one way valve in your browser) has some great keychains with one way valves. Also having a first aid kid in your vehicle is a great idea.

And finally, if you are in a situation like this and you have a group with you. Send a person up to the entrance to wait on the EMT's and help guide them to the location.

Way to go guys!


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