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I've been playing for a little over a year now, and play, on average, once a week. It has taken me a while to experiment with discs and get to where I think this combination works best for me. I throw rhbh and forehand on drives; primarily rhbh on mids and approach. My drives are usually 280 - 310 ft. Here's my bag.

3 - Pro Wraith - all 175, from nearly new to kinda beat.
4 - Champ Valkyrie - all 172, from new to beat. This is my primary driver.
2 - Champ Teebird - 170 (beat) and 174 kinda new

2 - Star Skeeter - both 175, one perfect, one nearly new. My primary midrange.
2 - Star Shark - one 168, nearly new, one 172, a little more used than the other. For windy days, or the gotta have a hyzer shot.

3 - Star Aero - all 180. One more used than the other two. I love the Aero. Great disc.

There's my bag.

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Sounds like a good bag to me. I carry the same drivers with Destroyers and a Firebird throw in but my only mids are Rocs. Have you throw a Star TL or a Wraith X?
last time I said that (Critique my bag) my doctor said turn your head and cough!!! She is nice ;)
Since I play in some windy places. I have a Teerex, Flick, Firebird, Drone, Wasp, and Gator to go with my other discs. Heck even if it's not windy. I like to have some hyzer discs for some shots. It may seem like a lot, but I hate "finess" throws and since all of these vary in distance. I can give them all a full and complete pull through. IMO every body should have some overstable discs in there bag.
I would suggest getting an over stable fairway driver and putter for windy days. I play mostly Discraft so my suggestions would be a Reaper for your fairway driver and either a ESP Challenger, or a ESP Zone if you want a really over stable putter. Also, I throw around the same distance as you and on a calm day i really like throwing a 150 class Avenger.

Oh one last thing, get your self an anhyzer driver. I love my Z Avenger SS. and maybe an anny middy too. (not sure how the Skeeter annys, i know its pretty straight)
LMAO... now thats funny!
And guess what comes next?
It sounds good if you throw forehand and backhand equally. Equally being the key word. If so all you need to do now is practice those shots and your set. If not maybe add somthing more stable such as a crush or force.
Nascar Dave - i have thrown the star tl and i liked it, but i found the star sl gave me better distance. then i went back to my valks because i got the same distance and better predictability.

Mikey - that is what i'm trying to accomplish. a few discs that i know well that can cover the range of shots.

Tino - annual physicals are mandatory at my age. (she just laughed when i coughed though. i don't know why.)

Rescue - for me a new pro wraith and the shark are overstable. i do have a champ starfire and that is really overstable for me. maybe that should go back in the bag.

Joe - my beat valks do real well for me on anny shots. the skeeter will hold an anny very well with the right snap.

Thanks for the comments.
Looks Good !!! I'm Glad to see you throwing Innova plastic.
Grap a couple of overstable discs like the trex for really windy shots.
You're missing a Beast, but otherwise it looks good.

You are a player after my own heart. I like the Valk/Wraith/Beast/Shark combo. Although personally I putt with an Arrow, not an Aero.

(The synchronicity here is freaky)
IMHO look to other brands than Innova. I personally don't have to many discs that aren't Innova but I must say that with the ones i have, i feel a little better, as in more rounded, every time i have say a ching or discraft etc. granted the amount of makers out there will put a damper on things, unless you have money to pay for that much plastic and make one heck of a friend that happens to be the owner of that disc golf store. But in all seriousness try working with others, you never know what you may end up with, as well as possibly leaving the security blanket (i say that because Innova is a bit of a security blanket for me as it is more infamous)

other than that, pretty nice looking bag

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