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I've been playing for a little over a year now, and play, on average, once a week. It has taken me a while to experiment with discs and get to where I think this combination works best for me. I throw rhbh and forehand on drives; primarily rhbh on mids and approach. My drives are usually 280 - 310 ft. Here's my bag.

3 - Pro Wraith - all 175, from nearly new to kinda beat.
4 - Champ Valkyrie - all 172, from new to beat. This is my primary driver.
2 - Champ Teebird - 170 (beat) and 174 kinda new

2 - Star Skeeter - both 175, one perfect, one nearly new. My primary midrange.
2 - Star Shark - one 168, nearly new, one 172, a little more used than the other. For windy days, or the gotta have a hyzer shot.

3 - Star Aero - all 180. One more used than the other two. I love the Aero. Great disc.

There's my bag.

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i love that you have a shark they are my favorite all time disc. try to throw a discraft stalker or XL in there for diverstiy
Nick - i feel confident and think that i throw rhbh and forehand equally well on my drives. That may not be saying much, but it is equal.

Donny - a positive response from you is encouraging, knowing that you have (or at least have seen, based on your picture count) the discs i use.

Jason - i actually have a couple champ beasts and like them. they're not in the bag right now because i felt there was overlap between the valk and the wraith, but they could go back in. based on what you said about your discs and mine...i'm going to start calling my shadow Jason.

Blake - i don't use the shark often, but when i do i like it more and more.

Justin, Rescue, Greg, and others - You've all mentioned having more overstable discs in the bag. I have a couple champ starfires that i like. for me, they are REALLY overstable, but maybe they should be back in the bag. I have had the same thoughts as you that having an overstable disc is important for those days when weather conditions demand it.

Innova/Discraft/Gateway/Ching... - a lot of the guys (and ladies, not enough though) i play with use discraft. it has taken me a while to experiment with the discs i have, to whittle the models down to what i have now. As i get more confident in what i'm doing with these discs, i'm sure i will try some other manufacturers, but i do like innova.

thank you for all the responses and suggestions.
The beat valk in their bag would fit the category of anhyzer driver that you speak of.
I think you're good to go honestly. At the distances you throw these seem like excellent choices. Why is it that you want your bag critiqued? Do YOU feel like something is missing?
That's a good question, Brandon. Having a MORE overstable disc than what I'm currently carrying is something I've been thinking a lot about. I've thrown all the discs in my bag in fairly windy conditions and feel pretty good about them. I guess I'm looking for some confirmation from other, more experienced players, or outright "No, that bag won't cut it," comments to see if I'm headed in the right direction.

As you can tell, I carry multiples of whatever mold I carry. There are a lot of backups. If I wanted to go minimalist, I could lose probably 8 of the discs I am now carrying, but I don't want to be in the crapper if I pitch one into water, or into the deep, dark jungle and never find it during a round.

I'm encouraged by all the responses and look forward to continue to learn from all the great players on this site.
well for strter you need to get a roc for sure secondly take out like two valks and save the others for late and maybe try and rc its inbetween the wraith and valk and amazind disc next have at least one firebird for predictabitilty especially in wind because unless your climo understable stuff doesnt work right in the wind plus the firebird is an excellent forehand disc and you may want to pic up a star or kc pro aviar you may like to put with them but the are also great for short drives and you can save your aeros for putting .... thats about it and i figure if you start throwing rocs then eventually you wont need a skeeter or shark and you can have a range from beat to stable other than that you should be set
Fair enough. I think for as far as you're throwing, you're good for now. The teebird and even the wraith hold up to a headwind at slower speeds. Sure, you might want to consider something a little more overstable to grow into as your arm speed increases and for stronger headwinds. My recommendation to you would be either a STAR (not champ) XCaliber or a Star Teerex. You might even like them at this point for low ceiling doglegs left.
I have a Star XCaliber. It's one of my favorite discs.
Beware of people saying you need a particular disc in your bag (such as a roc). There are so many similar discs out there, use what works for you. I often choose discs based on how they feel in my hand and if I get a clean release with them. I actually don't carry any of the discs you do, but all of them are good discs and I carry similar models. Here is a great article that talks about creating an ideal bag set. If you haven't yet looked at nearly all the articles on www.discgolfreview.com, you really should. I learned a TON from Blake. But here is the link I mentioned about the bagset. http://discgolfreview.com/resources/articles/discoverlap.shtml BTW you DON'T need a roc or buzzz. I throw rocs, but I could easily switch to sharks if I wanted to. I love that disc as well.

I am wondering if you have a very understable disc in your bag? Sometimes they really come in handy when you're stuck behind an obstacle and cannot swing your arm. I carry a really, really beat up pro d stratus for that purpose and for hyzer flipping in tight woods. When you absolutely need to flip a disk (either turnover or hyzerflip) this category of disc is critical...at least to my game and I've heard others say the same. You sound like me when I started and I'm sure you'll pick up the game quickly. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and a good bagset hanging from them as well.
I think it's fantastic, but right now I'm throwing a champ teerex-x in it's place. I'm sorely tempted to throw it back in the bag though. It does goes maybe 30' further than my treerex-x.
Yeah sweet bag You should check out the Echo star Teebird...feels so good on release. I might suggest switching to the Star wraith for durability. The KC wraith star mold on the lighter side (170g) is great for distance, wind, and controll.

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