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My Bag

Im still anewb, so I have a lot im trying out, still getting the hang of it, I am verydedicated though and try to practice everyday if not in the field, then withvideos or forums. Let me know what you think of my bag, do I need anyadditions, drop any, leave out or what? My avg drive right now I would say isaround 250 and im pretty consistent with my putts at 20ft and under.



Z Predator169

Z Glo Nuke169( workin on my sidearm throw and like the wide rim)

Star Beast164(just got it haven’t tried it out yet.)

Star Firebid168

DGA Rogue170(feels the best in my hand right now)

X XS 173

Opto River170(trying it out as my turnover/anhyzer disc)

Opto Striker172(still trying this one out too)

Z XL 170( myfirst favorite disc, can throw it primarily straight)



Star Teebird169(haven’t tried it out yet, just got it)

ChampLeopard 163( haven’t had it long but have good accuracy with it)

Star TL 165(My favorite Fairway)



Kc pro Roc172( My go to right now)

Z Wasp 177(bigHyzer mid)

Buzz SS 173(just got it)

Z Buzz 177(Still trying to see if it fits in my hand)

Back up KcRoc 175



Gateway MWizard 172 Main Putter

Gateway SSSWizard 170 Back-up Putter

Innova DXAviar Putter trying it out like it so far.


In mygarage:

Dx Wraith

Star Wraith


ABC SecretWeapon


Innova Wahoo

All thisshoved into a lat 64 pro bag(except the in the garage stuff)

Thanks guys!

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I would narrow it down to just a few drivers.  Once you get comfortable and throw them consistently, then try new drivers.  I probably would do the same with your mids too.  I did the same thing when I first started.  I was carrying way to many discs not really knowing any of the flight characteristics of each disc.  Now in my bag i carry 12-13 discs and use all of them, some more than others.  Hope this helps man.
Ditto what Adam says. In the beginning "less is more." Discs fly left, right and straight. You need one driver for each direction and one mid for each direction. Until your drives begin to exceed 300' don't bother with fairway drivers. In the beginning work on technique and really get to know how each disc flys. Once flying is mastered pick up a disc for rolling. Once you've mastered a few basics, adding more discs and learning to finesse your shots will come much faster. G'luck.
I would say put all of the drivers in the garage for now and just stick with the fairway drivers off the T. If your only throwing about 250 right now then there is definitely no need for the Z predator and Firebird. I would keep the XL if it is going straight , but I would work on the Tee Bird , TL , and Leopard this disc are great to use off the T and mastering these will greatly improve your game and make your transition to the faster more stable discs even easier. In regards to the Midranges , I would stick with the KC ROC and the SS Buzz between these 2 there shouldn't be a line that you can't hold ( the ROC can do anything you want it to!) Keep it simple and don't get caught up in all the hype of newer , wider faster discs that are coming out. These types of discs are for experienced players and I think will do more harm than help to a beginners game.

I carry more disc than I need too, but I don't use but just a couple of them.


Drivers: I have 2 ESP Nukes:1 new that is still over stable, and 1 that is broke in and turns over. So I use them according to the shot.

For sidearms I have a star katana, and a flick if it is a hard right shot...It's very over stable

Mids: I have a classic roc I use all the time, and a buzz I tried the other day, but think I will stick with the roc.

Putters: I have 4 Aviars I use for practice. 1 I use for playing.


I have a destroyer, wraith, teebird, orc, and roadrunner. I use them when I'm throwing my bag out.

If you are still starting out.. cut down your bag to even 1 disc.  Try playing rounds with just a midrange.  Also, use more understable discs like the buzzz.  If you are learning by powering a predator out there you will never get a correct technique, and it will make it harder too improve in the end.
I say put away all the drives except the one that you trust the most, not the longest the one that you can put where you want it. one mid range, roc or buzzz you master either you will be better off then switching between two that your kinda good at. Then for your putters have 2 identical ones your money putter and its backup then devolp a practice routine where you put the same way every time devolping consistincy. In my opinion useing more then 2 putters in practice takes away from the importance of each shot, like a boxer on a speed bag same thing over and over never harder or softer then is necessary

IMO this is what I would bring it down too if at your skill level.



Z pred or firebird (these discs are similar and are great for headwinds, skips, and any sort of overhand/forehand and flex shot)

Rouge or beast (long range turnover drivers)

Striker (stable/straight driver)

River or xl (understable fairway driver)

Teebird (great disc for all types of shots, shorter striker)

TL (great for tailwind drives that are deadly accurate)



I would suggest adding one Roc and have a beat, stable, over stable

Or using the 3 discraft mids wasp (stable/overstable) buzz (stable) buzz ss (understable)



Keep the 2 Wizards and maybe add 2-3 more for practice putting.


So 11 disc's is my count in what you should keep in the bag. On the ones that I list two chose one or the other as those discs will do similar things. Limiting the amount of discs you use allows you to get to know these discs better. For fun and work on form go out and throw just your mids and a putter and see how you do compared to having a full bag, you will be surprised how similar your scores are going to be.



What else would you put in place of the striker? I have a vision and valk coming would you add those in? Add another roc to the 2 i have? What do you mean Beat, stable, over stable.
Also i have 3 wizards to practice with. Should i pick up a magic too?
Sorry for butting in. Some people carry multiple Rocs in diff. degrees of wear. Overstable (new), Stable (semi worn in), Understable ( beat to heck). Then they just continue to rotated the discs. As the new one wears in it works it's way from overstable......to beat to heck(understable), and you just continue this cycle. That's why he said get another Roc, so you would have three in your bag. IMO there are plenty of molds out there, so I don't do this. For me it's overstable (Drone and Champ Roc), stable (Buzzz), understable (Classic Roc or Panther). But, to each his own.
get 3 of the same, like 3 KCs or 3 DXs?
Either or. I'd say most people use the KC Pro plastic when they go for the Roc rotation.

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