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Yesterday I got a package from the post office with a new "special edition leopard", went straight to the course played several holes, and let a friend have a throw with it.


Should and/or will SunKingDiscs.com replace or make good on this 25 dollar piece of peanut brittle?????????????

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You purchased a ten year old disc. What did you expect. Mike is a nice guy, but why should he feel bad that you broke (by throwing) a vintage piece of plastic. Did you not realize it is an old disc? That is why it cost $25, they don't make them anymore.
I didn't buy it to hang on the wall, I bought it to throw. It was not sold as an antique but rather as a "super grippy" ect. disc for throwing. I hoped it would be a great addition to my bag. So the answer is YES I knew it was old, but NO I didn't expect it to shatter. And I hope Mike doesn't "feel bad" I just hope he will replace a disc that was obviously defective.
Sorry brother but thrower beware. I've seen several discs broken over the last several months not not one of the people wanted the seller of the disc to replace it. If anything the "friend" whom destroyed the disc should foot the bill. That's like the old, I bought an ice cream cone, walked out of the store, dropped it on the ground and expected a new one because you couldn't hold on to it. and in your case it was the last scoop of a flavor they don't even make any more that you paid $25 for...

RIP $25 disc!
Nope! It is all your responsibility if you break a disc. Especially when it is that old, and out of production. You have to research what you are buying a little, don't just assume because it is expensive that it is good. As for the description of the disc "super grippy" etc.. whatever, I'll bet he just used Innovas and that is just what I do when I sell discs online. If you want a disc that won't shatter buy Championor Star plastic, I have watched a lot of DX and even Pro plastic break. You throw it, you own it. Sorry about your luck, or should I say your buddies luck.
S.O.L. son

ive never personally had a disc shatter but ive seen a few of my buddies have it happen to them and its hilarious

dude, how is it sunkings fault it broke???? i would never let a friend throw a piece of plastic i paid $25 for.

im sorry but i cant believe you would even think they would reimburse you in any way
DX, and occasionally Pro-line or x plastic, can break in cold weather even if they are brand new. Cold weather makes plastic rigid and brittle.

Older discs can become brittle when they are not stored properly. Things like sunlight and humidity and extreme temperature change can degrade the plastic. That makes it important to store your discs in a climate controlled environment. Discs stored in garages or attics or in the trunk of your car will degrade quickly. Discs that are stored properly will experienced little or no degradation of the plastic.

If you keep your collection in good shape, you will rarely have any problems with the plastic. If you buy other people`s collections, you must be aware of the fact that they might have stored it in their hot garage for 10 years. An experienced buyer will know the "signs" to look for, in determining whether or not a collection has been properly cared for. The biggest telltale sign is the smell. If it doesn`t smell right, it`s probably ready to break. Other things to look for include feel - poor discs will feel a little brittle - and look - poorly cared for discs may start to leach out oils, which will be evidenced by a chalky dust on their surface.

When we buy collections from other people, it is with the understanding that they might not have taken complete proper care of them. For discs that have evidence of aging and degradation, we include this in the description, and we offer a better price. The description might say - "great collector disc for hanging on the wall, but we don`t recommend throwing this one because it may break on impact."

Having said that, we always consider each case on an individual basis, and if there is ever a hint of unfairness, we try to accommodate the customer to the best of our ability.

$25 is a chunk of change, even for a SE Leopard. So if I sell a high-priced collector disc that may not have been up to snuff, I would consider it at least partially my mistake for not scrutinizing the collections I am buying, and I`d either replace the disc with something comparable or offer a partial refund, to avoid offending my client.

Buying people`s old collections can be tricky business. Look for sellers who demonstrate a knowledge if disc care and storage, and sellers who can accurately appraise the condition of a disc.

At Clearwater Disc Golf Store, we carry over 2000 collector discs from all manufacturers. 90% of them, we collected and stored ourselves. 10% come from other collections. All are carefully scrutinized for signs of degradation. If any are less than 100%, we will let you know before we send it out.

Yes, we`ve had to eat a couple of "crackers". (:-)
Either I don't understand, or this is silly! first let me ask how cold was it? how far was the impact from the thrower? If it arrived broken I could see requesting a refund,but from the first time it flew you should,nt be even considering asking.
Sunkingdiscs.com may replace but over all its not really there responsiblity. If the disc arrive in the conditions stated then they have done there part.
10 year old disc?
Unfortunately the plastic becomes brittle over time.
Used to like throwing them, but the newer plastic proves more durable.
Why would you buy such an old disc to throw?
Hey Joe,

Thanks for all those tips. It might help me out one day when buying a collectors disc. I never knew the plastic smells different when it's brittle. I'm such a noob.
wow lol that disc looks so awesome. ive never seen that happen but lol sorry to hear that happened that is a bummer
10 year old discs, regardless of how they are stored, are going to be fragile. That is what happens to plastic. It is a wonderful product that many of us would not be here if it weren't for the invention of it. However I find Joe G 5740's take on this kind of strange since he is a competitor of Sunking in Florida. Sounds like there is more to his post than information about old plastic. I have never heard of any business replacing a perfectly good product because the end user had bad luck with it.

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